30 Day Traffic Flow Review

I just had an email from Dave Nicholson about a new product 30 Day Traffic Flow from John Thornhill and Dave Whitworth.

John is a well known internet marketer from the UK and has a good reputation for excellent products. I had not come across Dave Whitworth before but he apparently increased the traffic to his cycling blog by  87% in 30 days using this system of free traffic generation he devised.

I am always looking for ways to increase traffic to my sites so it was a no brainer to take a look. And, at a prelaunch price of only $10 I just had to buy it.

Once I completed the purchase I got the inevitable upsell but it wasn’t an arm and a leg. In fact it was an amazingly cool deal.  Don’t you hate those products where you make the first purchase and then you have to have something else to make it work?

This is not one of those. It does what it says it will do without any fancy extras. Surprisingly there was no further upsell or downsell.

The Upsell

John is offering:

  • 10 of his previous products that he calls Gold Products
  • 3 Platinum products including Affiliate Promo Formula and Affiliate Alliance  that normally sells For $234
  • Over 20 Pre-Recorded Consultations With Outstanding Advice valued at at least $497
  • A Direct Line to John’s Office for 8 Weeks to help you build your business 1 to 1 by telephone.

What do you think they would be charging for all this?  I couldn’t believe that they were offering all this for a measly $47. The consultations alone are valued at $3976 so that is an incredible deal if ever I’ve seen one.

Well let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

What’s the 30 Day Traffic Flow all about?

Once inside the members area (there is no continuing membership) is a ton of stuff divided conveniently into different sections.  I am not sure what they intend charging after the prelauch but for a measly $10 this is amazing value.

Here is what I found:

Getting started section

The getting started section consists of text with videos, pdf ‘s and MP3’s for each section.

Training Videos

There are 8 short videos in all in this section where Dave explains the traffic generation methods clearly.

Basic Training modules

You get no less that 15 pdf’s on different ways of getting free traffic.

Other resources

This section consists of a  wealth of other useful information that will help you as an internet marketer in pdf format.


There are 5 downloads here that includes free trials of Tweet Adder and Market Samurai.

Bonus interviews

These links are not live yet so I assume that they will be added later.

I can’t say that I discovered any new methods of generating traffic but it’s based on a 30 day plan that is laid out very clearly.

It is a system that uses a computer program that anyone can use with free resources. All the methods have been well tried and tested and Dave says:

“There are plenty of ‘quick fix’ methods that you can do to get visitors. There are also plenty of slightly dodgy methods of fooling the search engines.

In this guide I only talk about methods that are likely to still generate traffic no matter what animal Google unleashes.”

He promises that if you follow the plan ” Half way through the 30 days you will see a marked increase in the amount of visitors to your site”

What can be fairer than that?

Should you buy it?

If you are struggling to get traffic to your site and are not afraid of a little work then yes, you should buy it.

You will get a system which allows you to access numerous free traffic generation methods where you will be able to keep track of all your traffic so you can see at a glance what is working and what is not.

As with all Clickbank products you have a 60 day guarantee so I think you would be mad to pass this up at the proper price so grab it while you can at the pre-launch price.   Click on the link or banner below:

30 Day Traffic Flow


7 thoughts on “30 Day Traffic Flow Review”

  1. Since your positive about it, then it is reasonable to say that it is a good investment. We should really give it a try right?

  2. Sounds useful, Sandy, and glad it’s working for you.

    I must admit I completely hate upsells. They always make me think the vendor believes you won’t get any results so grabs as much as they can from you in the hope that you’ll forget the guarantee. LOL

    Anyway, as you’re seeing results that’s obviously not the case here!

    1. Hi Joy,

      As much as we hate upsells it’s a strategy that has been proven to work. You leave money on the table as they say if you don’t use them in your sales funnel.


  3. I like when products like these are offered through Clickbank as their refund policy gives me a higher feeling of security, but I hate asking for refunds! How have you found the system, did it do all it was hyped to do?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I think most marketers have to offer some sort of guarantee of refund to get the sales although I have heard some stories of people having difficulty in getting a response when they ask for a refund. I have had the problem myself. Marketers soon get a bad reputation when they do this as it soon gets posted on the Warrior Forum.

      And, yes the 30 day traffic flow is a good system if you follow it through.


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