5 Top Secrets Of An Online Newsletter

make money on the internetMany people start out trying to make money on the internet by building a list and sending out newsletters in the hopes that their subscribers will buy something from them. There are a lot of failures.  There is an art to communicating and building trust. If you send out a regular newsletter to your list to make money online then you could benefit from these 5 top secrets.

Just remember the word PROSE and you won’t go wrong.

P is for Personal

Although you need to stay true to the topic of your chosen niche it pays to add a personal touch occasionally. Have you noticed how some marketers mention something about their lives in their emails? It might be about the latest film they saw or what they did at the weekend.

Although you don’t want to dwell on it too much it helps your reader engage with you. They can identify with you as a real person and not just a name.

R is for Relaxed

This means write in a relaxed style. No one wants to read a formal letter. Just write your newsletter as if you were talking to one person.

It’s much easier to read a message when the sentences and paragraphs are short.
There is nothing worse than reading long blocks of text. I really can’t wade through emails like that.

It pays to watch your spelling though. People are quick to notice if your spelling is bad. If your autoresponder does not have a spell check put it through one before sending it out.

O is for Often

It’s always difficult to decide how often to send messages to your list but you should keep in touch with them regularly. You should email them at least once a week if not more often.

Once you decide on the frequency stick to your schedule. Your loyal subscribers will look forward to receiving your newsletters if you are sending out interesting stuff.

If you are not sure what they want you can always ask them.

S is for Solo

As I mentioned above your newsletter will read better if, when you write it, you imagine you are writing to one person. Your writing will better than if you think you are writing to thousands and you will connect better with your reader.

E is for Ethical

You have heard the saying that the money is in the list. Well, not all marketers are successful with their newsletters. They don’t make much money from them. Why? Maybe because their subscribers don’t trust them.

If you build up trust with your subscribers they are much more likely to buy from you or through your affiliate links. You can build up trust by being truthful.

When you are promoting a product it pays to be truthful about it. If there are some negative points about it you should point them out. Your reader will discover them soon enough if they buy something you recommend and it’s not everything you said it was. You might have got them that time but they won’t be buying from you again.

There are many more secrets to producing a successful online newsletter to make money on the internet but if you remember PROSE you can’t go wrong.

2 thoughts on “5 Top Secrets Of An Online Newsletter”

  1. Hi Sandy, list building is an art. You must be creative and your PROSE is a good spring board to open up avenues. One must remember not to sell all the time, people will opt out of your list or just skip over your email.

    A lot of marketers make the big mistake of selling all the time. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about with all the hyped up emails everyone gets all the time.

    Be unique and stand out from all this hype and deceitful subject lines. You must provide value to your lists by being interesting and informative to your related subject and build relationships.

    Then and only then when you recommend something from time to time people will be more likely to buy. This is very powerful. That is why a mailing list is Sooo important. It’s a great way to do business if done right.

    Build relationships, trust and have people like who you are before trying to sell something to them.

    To get even more info or to expand on this subject matter check out my blog post- Why a mailing list is Sooo important. Thanks for letting rant about this Sandy, Catch you later.

    Terry Conti

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