10 Ideas for Headlines That Work

Your headline is the most important part of your strategy to make money on the web. A well written headline should grab your reader’s attention enough so that he/she will stay to read the rest of your article or sales page. It should pull your reader into the copy.


Make Money on the Web

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The longer your visitor stays on your site, the more likely he is to make the decision to buy your product or service. So, let’s have a look at some ideas for headlines that work.

1. How To…

A “How To..” headline grabs your reader’s attention because it tells him that he are about to learn something new that he could benefit from. As well as grabbing his attention the headline should explain how to get his benefit faster,cheaper, easier, etc.


How To Write A CV That Will Get You Your Dream Job.

2. Discover…

A “Discover…” headline arouses your reader’s curiosity. People like to think they will make new discoveries.


“Discover 3 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Weekly Shopping Bill !”

3. …Exposed

An “…Exposed” headline grabs your reader’s attention because it sounds as if somebody was trying to hide something. He will want to know what was being covered up and why.


“Exposed – Replacement Window Sales Tricks!”

4. Inside Secrets…

An “Inside Secrets…” headline grabs your reader’s attention because he will feel he will be privy to information that is usually only available to a select few.


“The Inside Secrets Of  A Successful Forex Trader!”

5. ….Guaranteed

A “…Guaranteed” headline grabs your visitors attention because it tells your prospects there is nothing to lose if they read the rest of your article or sales letter. Your readers will feel more relaxed about becoming  interested because they know that if they buy they have nothing to lose.


“Your Site On The First Page Of Google In 30 Days…Guaranteed!”

6. The Secrets Of…

People love to learn secrets. Most people are nosey and like to find out what they have been missing. They will want to buy your product or service to find out the secrets.


“The Secrets Of Making a Living On eBay”

7. Ways To…

The “Ways To…” headline grabs your reader’s attention because you are going to tell him something he might not know. He could learn ways that will give him  the benefits he is looking for.  Even better is to give a numbered amount such as “ 5 Ways To….”.


“5 Ways To Sell Your Car Faster!”

8. Step-By-Step…

People like the idea of doing things in a step by step take you by the hand way.  It makes them think that even something that might seem complicated could be easy for them to follow.


“An Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Making Your First Affiliate Sale”

9. Make Money…

The “Make Money…” headline grabs attention because most people want to make more money. They usually need some more money to buy luxury items they could not otherwise afford.


“How To Make Money On The Internet!”.

10. Specifics

Add specifics to your headline  to make it sound more believable. It must be true and sound believable though. People are likely to think it’s a scam if not.


“How I Made $3.000 in only 7 days!”

Using the power of headlines is half the battle to making money online.  Use your keyword in the title but make sure it makes sense. The only way to know if a headline works is to test it.

Create several for the same project and test, test, test. Try different colors, fonts and sizes as well as different words. Test only one change at a time though or you won’t know what has made the difference.

Making small changes to your headline can make a world of difference without making any changes to the rest of your copy.

If you have any tips for great headlines that work for you please share them in the comment box.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Anthony. Glad to hear you are taking the plunge. So many people never even get started.
      Good luck with your endeavors.


  2. I printed this article out and keep it handy when I’m writing a new article. Great stuff. Thanks, Sandy.

  3. I certainly enjoyed reading your blog site. It was seriously helpful and a lot of exceptional strategies for the field I was looking for.

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