Creating My Free Training Page

One tip I learned from Marc about another way of getting subscribers to opt-in to my list was to create a “Free Training” page on my blog. The idea is to use it as another way to get people to my squeeze page for my free report lead magnet.

To do this I had to create a new page by going into Pages in my WordPress dashboard and creating a page with the title Free Training. This should have added another tab to the navigation bar at the top of my blog but it didn’t!

Technical hitch

I thought that this must be something to do with the new Flexx theme that I installed when I decided to give my blog a makeover. Don’t you just love it when you get these technical hitches?

So, I headed over to the iTheme support forum and posted my question. They are really great there as they always reply almost immediately. I think Ron, the moderator who always seems to answer my questions, must live there!

The answer was simple really. I had to go into the Theme Settings in the dashboard and enable the new page to display in the navigation bar. An easy fix for a change!

On the Free Training page I wrote a few lines about my free report and put a link to my squeeze page. I also decided to add an image of the report cover but for some reason it has got a border it although it doesn’t show in the edit window. Another small problem to sort out!

When people visit my blog they will hopefully click on the free training tab and then see the information about my Free Traffic Deluge report, go to my squeeze page, and opt into my list. When I create another report I can add that as well and build up a little collection of free stuff for my visitors.

Side Bar Opt-in Form

I already had my opt-in form in the side bar so when I changed my theme it was just a matter of making a few adjustments to it in Aweber before putting the code in the widget. I am still not happy with it though. I think it needs a border around it.

It’s a bit like choosing your accessories for a new outfit isn’t it? You want everything to look right! It’s back to Aweber to look at the forms again to see if there is another one with the right colour scheme.

Banner tip

Another tip Marc gave us was to get a banner created for our free reports to put in the side bar and link it to the squeeze page.  That is something I have yet to organize.

I had my free report cover on my old blog above my opt-in form but I didn’t have it linked to my squeeze page.  It was just there to try to catch readers eye to get them to opt-in. I don’t see why I can’t just use my e-cover and link that to my squeeze page.

Do you have any other tips for ways of increasing your opt-ins from your blog? Please leave them in the comment box.

3 thoughts on “Creating My Free Training Page”

  1. Hope to be included on your free training someday. I am just a newbie as of the moment and still wandering in the world of blogging. I am just looking around to know more about this field.

    1. Hey Jamey,

      Looking around at other blogs especially other blogs in your niche is a great way of discovering what your competitors are blogging about. It can also give you ideas for blog posts when you run out of ideas.

      Thanks for dropping by mine and taking the time to comment.


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