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I’m not happy. Not happy at all. I think I have taken a hit from Penguin. The traffic to my detox blog has dropped off again in spite of the SEO back links I have been building since Google’s Panda.

Google launched Penguin, their latest algorithm change, on April 24th and I have noticed that my search engine traffic has been going down and down since then.

Some of it may be the time of the year of course as the majority of people are searching for information about detox in the earlier part of the year. Still it makes me wonder.

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I first heard of ezArticleLink through an internet marketer I know. He suggested that I submit some articles to the site to build some backlinks to an article on my detox blog to help me get on page 1 of Google.

My traffic had dropped towards the end of last year and I wanted to get it back. I am sure you know that one of the best ways to get onto the first page of Google is to get a lot of good one way backlinks.

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Delicious is a popular social bookmarking website service for saving, organizing, sharing and finding web content. It is an excellent way of getting more traffic to your blog or website to help you make money online.

Today I am posting an article about using delicious for publicity by my colleague Alison Rothwell, an internet marketer and SEO expert.

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I’m Back to Blog Hopping again!

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making money onlineI’m back to blog hopping again!  If you haven’t come across the term before it simply means blog commenting. You leave comments on other blogs as a way to get backlinks and traffic to your blog. Alex Jeffreys called it Oil Rig Hopping.

I must admit that although I tried to do it regularly when I first started this blog I have fallen by the wayside recently. I found it and still do quite difficult to find blogs with up to date, frequent posts that attracted traffic in this making money online niche. You can tell if they get a reasonable amount of traffic and if they are popular by the number of comments they get.

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make money onlineAlison Rothwell became an expert in SEO simply because she needed customers for her new online store. When she left her corporate job to set up an online business and no one was buying her products she was determined to find out why.

She resolved to learn all she could about internet marketing and search engine optimization and eventually got her site to the first page of Google for her keywords much to the dismay of others who had older and more established sites.

Other webmasters noticed her and asked for her help. Now she teaches others all about SEO. In this article Alison explains how to improve your Google Page Rank.

5 Killer Tips to Improve Your Google Page Rank

Improving your Google Page Rank will of course have a knock on effect to your position within the natural search results. But don’t make the mistake of concentrating solely on Page Rank. Improving Page Rank should be a part of a well organized SEO strategy. With that in mind here are 5 tips to help improve your Google Page Rank.

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Making money on the internetOne of questions I see being asked time & time again in Internet Marketing Forums is how to get a site onto page 1 of Google.  Backlinking plays a very important part so it’s essential you know how to get free SEO backlinks if you are serious about making money on the internet


To get your website to appear on the first page of  the major search engines you need to work at developing a solid campaign for backlinking. Getting some link juice is a critical component in a successful search engine marketing strategy because of the way that Google and other search engines place a value on your site.  Google measures your website’s overall relevancy based on who is linking to you.

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make money on the webThere are many types of social websites that you can find online, including an entire group that bookmarks favourites for people. These are websites like Digg and Furl, which allow people to save copies of any website or page that they desire and share it with people.

StumbleUpon is another good site that bookmarks favourites, and it operates on the same principles as the first too. You really have to take the time to utilize these sites effectively in your marketing if you want to find success with them.

If you are able to get your content ranked high on one of these sites, you will be able to generate more traffic, better visitors, and many useful backlinks for your business along the way.

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make money on the internetDaniel Thorley is an young entrepreneur who’s been there, done it and got the T shirt as they say. He is passionate about helping other aspiring internet marketers to grow their businesses so they can make money on the internet.

Daniel discovered that building relationships is the key ingredient to getting traffic to  your websites and buying products or services. One way of doing this is through social bookmarking. Here is his excellent article about how to do it.

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