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Making money onlineWhat blog color should I choose for my new theme?

I have finally decided to take the plunge and change this blog to a Genesis Framework (I’ve already changed my detox blog) and am trying to decide on the best color for the new theme.

I have never really been happy with the color I have now. I never actually said to myself “I want a pink blog”!  I had seen some blogs that I liked and tried to get the same color which was more of a red with pinkish hues but it didn’t turn out quite like that.

Everyone seems to have a preference when it comes to the color of their clothes, their car, and their homes but what about the color of your blog?

When you set up your blog did you know exactly what color you wanted?  Did you do any research into it first?

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Making Money onlineAs I’ve been doing the rounds of some internet marketing forums recently to generate traffic to my blog I’ve seen some questions about a WordPress Slug.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain what it is here for those who don’t know.

Let me assure you that it’s certainly not some fat slimy creature that slithers its way through your blog chomping on anything it fancies on the way like a destructive computer virus!

In fact, a slug is a string of a few well chosen words that helps with the SEO of your blog.

What Is A WordPress Slug & How Does It Work?

According to WordPress Glossary:

A slug is a few words that describe a post or a page. Slugs are usually a URL friendly version of the post title (which has been automatically generated by WordPress), but a slug can be anything you like. Slugs are meant to be used with permalinks as they help describe what the content at the URL is.

When you post a new page or article on a WordPress blog, the site automatically creates a miniature “slug”.

It appears under the blog post title in the editor.

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Make money on the webHave you noticed how much easier it is to read some blogs than others?

As I have been blog hopping and commenting to get traffic
to my blog I have noticed a huge difference in not only the way bloggers write their posts but the fonts and size of text they use.

Some bloggers write long paragraphs which I find very hard to read, some write in shorter paragraphs and others write each sentence on a new line with plenty of white space between the lines.

I don’t know about you but I have decided that the latter is the style I like best and find easiest to read.

I decided to do a bit of research on the matter to find out if there is a best text size, font type and line spacing for blog posts.

What I discovered surprised me.

Let’s look at fonts first:

I first found that the question had been asked on the Warrior Forum. Sylvia Dickens, an award-winning journalist with 20+ year’s experience posted this response:

“The best online font is a non-serif – in other words, without any curly ends, like Times Roman and some others. Times Roman is mostly used in print media and is difficult to read online. Common fonts that work well on screen are Verdana, Tahoma and of course Arial”.

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Can Outbound Links Boost Your SEO?

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Make money on the webWe are always hearing about the importance of getting backlinks to your site and internal linking to get ranked in Google but what about outbound links?

As I was doing forum commenting for the Quick Start Challenge and the Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge I saw a lot of debate about outbound links or external links as some people prefer to call them.

An outbound link, if you don’t already know, is a url that you have on your site that links to another website.  When you think about it the world wide web is formed from links from one site to another and enables it to be what it is. does

By linking out from your site, you are “voting” for the site you link to. That is the whole point of getting backlinks to your site.

When other sites  link  to your site you get a backlink from that site which is one of the factors that Google takes into account in it’s ranking algorithm.

But what if you link out to other sites?

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I just came across an excellent video on free traffic generation that Willie Crawford recorded and I thought it would be a good idea to share it on this blog but there was one problem. It would not fit!

I know that you can change the size of YouTube Videos easily enough to embed them on a WordPress blog but this one came from the LoyaltePays Library and is no way to alter the size.

Fortunately one of the other members came up with the ideal solution by using The WordPress Video lightbox plugin.

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As I have been blog hopping to drive traffic to my blog as part of the 60 Day Challenge I have noticed that some bloggers to not take advantage of internal linking their blog pages.

Internal links are links that go from one page on your blog or website  domain to a different page on the same blog or website  domain and they play an important role in helping your site advance in the search engine rankings.

We hear so much about getting good quality backlinks from high pr sites that it’s easy to overlook the importance of internal linking.

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Making money on the internetIf you use CommentLuv Premium on your blog you will probably have seen the discussions about the bad or broken  links in the comments and their possible effect on your SEO.

Google scans your blog’s comment section and some users have removed the plugin for fear that the broken links could damage their ranking.

There is some controversy about that but broken links can affect your blog load time and Google takes that into account in it’s ranking algorithm.

A key part of SEO is making your site friendly to the spiders. If they can find their way around your site, they can index it, and then your site will get more page views.

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A couple of days ago I discovered that my detox blog was not loading properly so I decided that it would be a good idea to write this post about blog load times. It is important to have a fast load time as many believe that Google takes it into account when ranking sites.

By chance I noticed that when I typed in the URL of my blog into my browser all I got was a list of posts and nothing else. No theme, no header, no menu, no banners, no Google ads. It took quite a few minutes for the whole blog to appear. An absolute disaster!

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making money onlineThis has been bugging me for a while now so I am going to get it off my chest.  I have said it before and I am saying it again. If you are going to take the time to comment on my blog posts then make great blog comments if you don’t want to get trashed.

Think that’s a bit harsh?

Well, what use are wishy washy comments like “great article, keep up the good work” or “think that is the best article that I have read” or “Thanks for sharing this very interesting post. Keep it up always”?

I don’t see these sorts of blog comments as any form of flattery. They just scream that you have not even read the post.

When I see comments like that I just think they are a very lazy way to try to get a dofollow backlink because I use the CommentLuv Premuim  plugin.  (Or, maybe you outsource your comments and don’t check to see what sort of comments your outsourcer makes.)

In the days before blog commenting became a way to get a dofollow backlink the whole point of making a comment was to join in the discussion and add something that other readers might find useful.

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Get Free Traffic With Content Curation

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Have you heard of content curation? Although it’s been around for some time content curation seems to be the latest buzz word in blogging circles.

I have only just heard the term and became curious about it as it is a way to get free traffic to your blog or website.

To put it simply, curated content is when you take other people’s information, publish it on your site, provide a link to it, and add your own introduction, comments and summary.

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