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How to Add Your Website to Facebook

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Converting my  fan page to the new Facebook Timeline format was one thing but how to add your website to Facebook was another.

Just before I went off to Spain I suddenly realized that the day before I was due to come back my Detox Facebook Fan Page would be changed to the new Timeline format and I wasn’t ready for it.

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Get Free Traffic With Content Curation

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Have you heard of content curation? Although it’s been around for some time content curation seems to be the latest buzz word in blogging circles.

I have only just heard the term and became curious about it as it is a way to get free traffic to your blog or website.

To put it simply, curated content is when you take other people’s information, publish it on your site, provide a link to it, and add your own introduction, comments and summary.

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If you have been working on the Internet  you may have downloaded some PLR content, also known as private label rights content.

This can be a very effective tool to help you get  some ideas for good content for your  sites without having to write all the content yourself or having to pay a ghostwriter to create content for you.

But do you know how to  tweak, re-write, and publish your PLR in 7 minutes or less?

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I’ve been getting some questions about blogging for business from my subscribers .  It’s a long time since I posted one of Alison Rothwell’s  wonderful articles and as this one answers the questions  so eloquently I thought it was time to post another.

The Six Biggest Blogging Myths

Myths arise from lack of information and in the case of blogging, often from inexperience. Some of the common myths related to blogging in general and business blogging in particular are:

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Although my Google Adsense income doubled almost as soon I changed the theme of my Detox Blog to the Heat Map WordPress Theme last July I have recently decided to remove most of them.

Now, I know that this might sound like the actions of a mad woman but let me explain  what triggered it and why I believe  it was the right thing to do.

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I realized when I mentioned the CommentLuv Plugin in my last post that I had not written a post about it even though I had meant to.  So, as I am often being asked by subscribers how to get free traffic here’s my long overdue post about how to get free traffic to your blog with CommentLuv Premium.

There are two versions of this WordPress Plugin. CommentLuv Lite which is the free version and CommentLuv Premium the paid for version which has a whole host of added features.

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If you want to get more traffic to your blog you might want to take a look at SEO Super Comments plugin for WordPress. I have just installed it on this blog after seeing it listed on a blog post that Adrienne Smith wrote.

I must admit, although I studied quite a few reports for the best plugins to install when I first set this blog up and try to keep up to date with the latest plugins I had never come across this one before.

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I first heard of ezArticleLink through an internet marketer I know. He suggested that I submit some articles to the site to build some backlinks to an article on my detox blog to help me get on page 1 of Google.

My traffic had dropped towards the end of last year and I wanted to get it back. I am sure you know that one of the best ways to get onto the first page of Google is to get a lot of good one way backlinks.

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Making money on the internetEasy Click Mate has proved to be just the solution for managing my Clickbank affiliates that I had been searching for.

I wanted my detox eBook affiliates to be able to send their subscribers to my discount offer page but could not figure out the best way to do it.

Although I can have a number of different pages for the same product listed in my Clickbank account the hoplink that affiliates are provided with only goes to one landing page per account.

To provide them with another hoplink for my eBook offer page meant I would have to create another account.

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