Confessions Of A Coaching Course Junkie

I have to confess I’ve just joined Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint coaching course. I was invited to a Webinar a couple of weeks ago which featured Marc, a successful UK  full-time internet marketer, with distinctive red hair!  I knew of him but not much about him and at the time I certainly didn’t know he did coaching.

The Webinar turned out to be a promotion for his coaching program. Well, they are all promoting something at the end of these Webinars aren’t they? It sounded so good and he was throwing in so many bonuses at such an incredible price (never to be repeated of course!) that I was immediately hooked. It was a no-brainer.

He was offering a 60 day money back guarantee too so I thought why not join up and see what it’s like. I am only on week 2 and the stuff he’s teaching so far is very basic but I am impressed with his coaching style and I know that there is some great stuff coming.

I have done a couple of coaching courses before but I find that I learn different things from different people. I like Marc’s more precise step-by-step approach. The coaching is done with a number of short videos in the members area that are released week by week. I can email or call him if I have any questions.

So why am I doing another coaching course?

Firstly, I am a perpetual student. All my life I have been a course junkie. When I first became interested in health and nutrition I took many courses. I had a huge thirst for knowledge. It’s the same when I got interested in internet marketing.  Now I want to know everything about that too.

I find it really helps to have a mentor or coach to push me. I get far more achieved when I am following a step-by-step system.  If you follow a system that is known to work then you can’t go wrong can you? Why try to reinvent the wheel?

Secondly, I am not where I want to be with making money online. I started in the health niche because my background was in health and that was, and still is, my passion. They always say that it helps to start with something you are passionate about don’t they?

I do have some income from sales of my eBook, affiliate promotions and Adsense on my detox blog but in learning how to promote that I got interested in the internet marketing niche itself. I started to build a list in this niche but I’m a long way off my ultimate aim of making a full time income online that will help to finance my and my husband’s retirement.

With Marc’s expert coaching I intend to become more successful so watch this space. From now on I will take his advice and will be blogging about my progress. So visit again soon to find out how I’m getting on. I will be sharing lots of helpful tips along the way.

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