Creating My Lead Magnet

Module 4 of Marc Milburn’s coaching course is all about building a list of subscribers. The first modules were about setting up our blogs which serve as half of our business hubs. Our subscriber lists will form the other half.

A lead magnet is something free that you offer as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list. You have probably already downloaded a ton of free reports that you got this way and are now sitting on your hard drive. I know I have.

The money is in the list

You have probably heard the saying “the money is in the list”. The aim is to get people onto your list so you can build a relationship with them and then sell them something and make money.

You build a relationship with them by providing good content and valuable information. Once you show them that you are trying to help them and not sell to them all the time they are more likely to buy an affiliate product from you that you recommend. Eventually you can offer a product of your own. A list is your greatest asset.

One very successful marketer I was listening to on a Webinar last night said there are 3 main things you should do online:

1. Build your list
2. Build your list
3. Build your list

I think you get the point!

My lead magnet

A lead magnet can be anything you like, a video demonstration, an audio, a blueprint, a short report, an eBook or software.  It must of course be related to your niche.

I already had a free traffic report that I had created a while ago so I decided I was not going to create another just yet. I had not looked at it for a while so I went through it and realized that I had written one section about MyBlogLog which no longer exists.  Yahoo closed it down in May!

I obviously had to take that out and find something else to replace it with. It’s times like that when all that stuff I have on my hard drive comes in handy. I’m not saying that you should copy anything word for word unless it’s PLR
(private label rights) material but it can give you ideas for  things you can write about in your own words.

Using a PLR product for a Lead Magnet

Marc suggested that a PLR report or ebook can make a great lead magnet. You just go through it to see if anything needs editing or you can rewrite it to suit. I have always used Surefire Wealth for PLR products which is free to join but Marc recommended a site that I had never come across before called Master Resale Rights.

The PLR stuff on this site is for sale but the prices are quite low and the products are good quality. It’s important that you give away good information. I’m sure , like me, you have downloaded many a free report only to find that it is too short and full of fluff.

When you get a PLR product you should get it as a word doc as well as in pdf format so you can add your website URL and affiliate links if you want before you convert it to a pdf.  Then, you give it away from a squeeze page and put it on your blog to start building that list.

I will write more about that in future blog posts so come back soon.

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