How I Set Up A Joint Venture With A Difference

How to set up a joint ventureI have just participated in an awesome joint venture that got me just over 200 new subscribers in 4 days and 5 eBook sales.  I have taken part in some joint venture giveaway events in the past but this was completely different.

A few months ago I received an email from Guy Finley’s campaign manager asking me if I would like to participate in an online joint venture campaign for the promotion of Guy’s new eBook  in the Self Help Niche.

The idea was that I would contribute an eBook that would be included as a bonus gift on their sales page.  I could include a graphic and description of the book and a link to my website.

Their previous online campaign had put Guy’s first book at #1 for all books on Amazon and #3 overall on so it was really a no brainer. What did I have to lose?

I agreed to send a promotion to my detox niche list on the day of the launch but they took care of everything else their end.

I had to do a bit of work my end to set it up. I currently sell my detox ebook with a detox recipe book so I decided to contribute the recipe ebook as the free gift and offer my detox book as a One time offer at discounted price.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Create a list.I created a new list for the giveaway in my Aweber account.
  2. Set up opt-in/registration page.Before I gave people the recipe eBook I wanted to get them onto my email list so I created an opt-in/registration page where they had to enter their names and email address to get them onto my list.
  3. Set up a OTOI set up a One Time Offer page for my detox eBook so that when they gave up their details  to get the download link for recipe book they were sent immediately to my OTO page.At the top of the OTO I told them that the link for the recipe ebook would be sent to the email address they entered into the registration form.
  4. PromoteI sent out the email promo copy to my list on the day of the launch, tweeted about it to my followers and posted it in my Facebook account.

A total of 72 people contributed gifts for the campaign. Everyone participating sent out a promotion email supplied by Guy’s affiliate manager on the day of the launch.

The day after the campaign Guy’s book reached #5 Overall on Amazon, and was the #6 book on the Best-seller list! The book also made it to #2 Overall on the Barnes And Noble best-seller list.

I was very happy with the result. If my eBook had been more targeted to the Self Help niche I would probably have done better but all in all it was a good result.

What’s more I also get a commission on any books that are purchased from Guy’s site through the link that I sent out to my detox list. Not a bad joint venture arrangement!

One thought on “How I Set Up A Joint Venture With A Difference”

  1. Be prepared to do the majority of the work yourself, if not all of it. The more work you do, the easier you make it for them. And the easier you make it for them, the easier it will be to close the deal.

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