How to Add Your Website to Facebook

Converting my  fan page to the new Facebook Timeline format was one thing but how to add your website to Facebook was another.

Just before I went off to Spain I suddenly realized that the day before I was due to come back my Detox Facebook Fan Page would be changed to the new Timeline format and I wasn’t ready for it.

In fact, I had only recently got some new graphics done for it. I had seen some Timeline pages but hadn’t realized that it would be compulsory, and certainly not so soon. ( Where had I been!)

I contacted the guy from fiverr who had done the graphics to see if he could convert the graphics to the Timeline format but he said it would be as much work as doing the originals so I would have to get some new ones designed.

I thought that was fair enough so I went ahead and got him to design a new Facebook Timeline cover for me. He completed the gig very quickly and I was all set to go.

That went smoothly enough but as I joined Green Organics International while I was away on holiday in Spain I wanted to link to my new website from a tab on my Facebook fan page.

I am a member of Jo Barnes Social Networking Academy and she has a ton of videos in the members area and I felt sure she must have made a video about this.

As it turned out she was just in the process of recording some but another member sent me to her own video that showed you how to use Jo’s drag and drop templates just for that purpose.

The problem was that I have two Facebook accounts. ( I know, I know, see the side note further on). I have one personal account and one for internet marketing  and when I tried to use the drag and drop templates  I found that my fan page could not be selected.

It had been  created from my personal account and my Social Networking Academy membership is linked to the same email address as my Facebook business account

Side note: Now before you leave me a comment about having two Facebook accounts I am well aware that some people say it is against Facebook’s Terms & conditions. But, at one Facebook Workshop I went to in London two Facebook Coaches said it was perfectly OK as long as you use a different email address. And to make money on Facebook they actively encourage it! So if you are going to comment on it then sorry but I have heard it all before so don’t waste your time!

So, that was the end of that idea. What next?

I felt sure there had to be an app for it but I didn’t want one that was going to be complicated to set up. I shy away from any coding stuff. I searched the internet for a solution and eventually found an app that seemed just the ticket.

And it was!

The app was easy to use and did exactly what I wanted.

So, if you want to know how to add your website to Facebook here’s a simple solution:

1. Log into your facebook account and go here for the app:

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2. Click on Install Page Tab and you will get taken to the Add Page Tab.  Here you’ll see a list of your Facebook pages so just select the one you want and click on  “add page tab.”

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3. Then you will get the Tab Settings page.  Here you should  to select “enable” Timeline mode.  Then, you’ll upload your tab image if you have one ready. It’s a good idea to have some call to action on it to encourage visitors to click on it. You can’t have any call to actions now on your profile cover image.

I found someone on fiverr who was offering to create 3 tab images for $5.00.

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4.  Now you enter the URL for the page you’d like to direct people to in the Page Source field. You can choose to use scroll bars or not. or adjust the height to suit if you know what it is.  I had to enable the scroll bars  to get the full width of my site to appear.

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5.  Finally you can name your tab.  This will show up under the tab on your page as a clickable link, so call it something that will entice your visitors to click on it.

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6. Save your tab and that’s it!.  Now you know how to add your website to Facebook so that it appears right inside your fan page.

Have you added your website to your fan page?  If so why not share how you did it with my readers?

31 thoughts on “How to Add Your Website to Facebook”

  1. Facebook is one of the trending site.It has a huge help especially in marketing strategy. Thanks for the informative post.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Yes, in spite of some adverse publicity from time to time Facebook is still going from strength to strength.
      Some people call it a big time waster but it can be good for internet marketers if used judiciously.


  2. Hi Sandy,
    Out of all social media websites, I am more comfortable with facebook and I found it one of the best social media website to spread my words.Thanks for sharing your information on how to add our website to facebook and I already did it and it gives me a significant change in my website traffic.

  3. I have lately been trying to meld my Facebook together with my website. Of course your website will always be helped with more social networking.

  4. Thanks for the great tips. I’ve found FB is an essential marketing tool, and the changes, although difficult at first, are usually positive in the long run.

    1. I’m inclined to agree Dann. Most of us don’t like changes and I have to admit I hated the new Timeline to begin with but now I have been using it for a few weeks I am beginning to appreciate what you can do with it.


  5. Thanks for the good tips provided here! It could only a time waster if they
    use their time and facebook for their business purposes.
    Great post Sandy!

  6. This is really awesome I never thought to use most of the ways discussed in this post. Will be implementing this.

  7. I am glad that people are still using Fiverr for a variety of reasons. Great tutorial for any newbie to marketing on Facebook.

  8. When your Web page represents a real-world entity, things like movies, sports teams, celebrities, and restaurants, use the Open Graph protocol to specify information about the entity. If you include Open Graph tags on your Web page, your page becomes equivalent to a Facebook page. This means when a user clicks a Like button on your page, a connection is made between your page and the user. Your page will appear in the “Likes and Interests” section of the user’s profile, and you have the ability to publish updates to the user. Your page will show up in same places that Facebook pages show up around the site (e.g. search), and you can target ads to people who like your content. Note: The count on the Like button will include all likes and shares whereas the like connection on the Graph API includes only the number of likes for the object.

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Useful if you have webpages representing real world entities even if you seem to have copied the text straight from the Open Graph Protocol page on Facebook Developers!) 🙂


  9. Hi Sandy
    I think Facebook is a great platform to connect with your friends and customers. But as you wrote it, it’s somethimes difficult to keep up with all the changes.
    Bruno Buergi

    1. We might not like changes at the time Bruno but marketers are beginnning to see the advantages of the new Timeline once they get used to it.


  10. Fan page is a great way to interest with the visitors of the website and it is by mean a great way of marketing as well hence it has good advantages.

  11. Facebook has become a very powerful tool of marketing and to connect with the audience. And here is a good tutorial describing well on how to install it on the webpage.

  12. It’s really essential to add website in Facebook cause facebook is the largest social media and blogger should need to target facebook for drive more traffic.

  13. Sandy,I need to set up a Facebook page for my blog but have not done it yet. I like Facebook but really hate how they keep changing everything. I can not keep up with them. I will definitively come back and use your instructions on how to put the tab to link a website to the Facebook page.Thanks for a great tutorial.Dee Ann Rice

    1. Hi Dee Ann,

      I hate how they keep changing things too but we get used to the changes in the end. Internet marketers always seem to be able to find ways of turning them to their advantage too.

      Glad you will find my instructions useful.


  14. When the Timeline update first came to be, there were a lot of people who were disappointed at the new design, and they thought it was cluttered. I liked the mindset of some, though. When you’re faced with something new, and you have no choice but to conform, you have to think of ways to take advantage of all the changes that have happened to the system. Good share by the way, Sandy!

  15. Great info, this really helps, as it’s very detailed. Fan page is really important nowadays whenever I visit a site I like and they display that they have facebook fan page most of the time I do check it out.

  16. Thanks for you tips about adding website to Facebook. I have already created Facebook page and also added website link into page information option but I have not used your given trick. Now, I will try to use your given trick to get benefit of Facebook page to my website.

    1. Hi Brain. Your comment went into my Spam catcher for some reason so sorry for the delay in rescuing it. I must check it more often.

      I hope you have managed to add your website to a tab on your Facebook Fan Page by now.


  17. It is surprising how many websites still do not have a presence on Facebook. Even if the site is not best suited for building a social community, it can still enjoy a presence with a fan/profile page.

    1. Hey Colin,

      For some reason your comment went into spam and as I only think of looking there once in a while I have only just discovered it and rescued it.

      Facebook seems to be going from strength to strength in spite of all the bad publicity it attracts at times.


  18. Thanks for showing us how to add our website to facebook. Facebook has really improved and expanded over the past few years. Now with Facebook pages we are able to add our businesses to these pages. With facebook insights we can track fan participation and interaction

  19. Cool tip. I’ve had an FB fanpage for about 2 years now and never really do anything with it. The constant changes on FB are probably the cause behind that and I tend to get all of my points across on my regular account anyway. Definitely recommended for people looking to get traction for their fan page though.

  20. Hi Abdul,

    I have heard recently that tabs are not working so well as they were previously but I did not ever find out the reason why or what to so about it. I will have to do a bit more research and come back with an answer.


  21. Hi Sandy,

    Facebook has a lot of potential for internet marketing. It all depends on how effectively one can make the most of it. Offlate, Facebook is playing the role similar to RSS subscribers (i.e. Any new post can be put in Facebook page and all the fans of the page will get to see it).

  22. Awesome Tips!Facebook has become a very powerful tool of marketing. I have found FB is an essential marketing tool, It has a huge help especially in marketing strategy. Now you can add your website in the FB by the help of this Tips. thanks for sharing for informative.

  23. The sheer amount of users FaceBook has makes it somewhat of a no-brainer as far as marketing goes. Fan pages are fairly easy to setup and can attract a lot of attention if marketed correctly.

    Great post, Sandy!

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