How To Get Traffic To Your Blog With Digg

Making money on the internetDigg has become a very powerful social bookmarking site and is a great way to get traffic to your blog, website, or articles. You simply vote on content you find on the web and share it with other users. And as with most social networking tools, the more followers you have, the more effective your results.

Digg is another method you can use to help you make money on the internet. More traffic = more money. Here’s how to get followers on Digg and get traffic to your blog.

Submit Quality Content

Digg is a social site, with the emphasis on social. This means that the more you submit, the more people will notice you.  People respond to and pay attention to heavy submitters. Of course you don’t want to submit any old content. You must “digg” quality articles or pages.. Experts recommend submitting at least three good quality pages every day to get traffic to your blog.

Here’s how you can make this a quick and easy task.

1. Install the Digg toolbar on your browser. Then all you have to do when you find good content is click a button on your toolbar. Much easier than opening up a new window and visiting the site.

2. Schedule Digg time each day. Spend a few minutes a day reading news sites and Digg the good stuff you find.  You could set up Google alerts for the topics that interest you.

3. Subscribe to the best blogs in your niche, news sites and websites so you don’t have to go searching for quality content every day. It comes to you and is organized in your reader. Quick and easy.

Submit Only Your Best Content

The most important part of your Digg strategy will be to submit some of your own content. Once you are attracting followers and making friends start submitting your own blog content.  Bookmarking a few of your top pages will likely boost your followers almost immediately. You’ll start attracting people who are interested in you and your business.

Don’t forget to optimize the title and description when you submit your own content. Choose a thumbnail to go along with your description and choose the most relevant and appropriate category.

Integrate Digg into your other marketing strategies

Social networking sites often overlap. For example, you may have a follower on Facebook who finds you on Twitter and LinkedIn. Install a Digg widget or plug-in on your website and/or blog. Website visitors may then not only Digg your content, they may also become followers.


Follow others, make friends and get to know other Digg users. Often when you follow one person they’ll not only follow you in return, many of their followers will also follow you. You can expand your reach quite quickly.

Digg is a useful social networking and business building tool for making money online. Use one or all of these techniques, build your followers and get traffic to your blog.

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  1. Great job! No doubt these ways surely drive traffic,however put it sharing (Digg) button to blog or website is a another way to getting traffic from Digg. Thanks!

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