How To Use Your Personality To Make Money On The Web

When you look at the mega successful people in internet marketing they seem to have one thing in common. They stand out in a crowded marketplace. In simple terms they used their personality to make money on the web. Some call it personality marketing or branding.  Others call it buzz marketing.

Make money on the web with personality marketing

The truth is people like to do business with people they like. You’ll stand out a lot more by being helpful, likable and unique.

Online this seems to be truer than in some other medias.  When you’re dealing with websites and digital media it’s so important to display personality in your marketing.

There are thousands of websites on the internet with many selling the same things. To make money on the web you need to stand out by putting a little personality into your marketing or creating a buzz.

How can you do that?

Here are 3 tips to get you started:

#1 – Don’t be Bland.

Vanilla is never the flavour of the month.  Let’s face it there are more exciting flavours around. When it comes to making money on the internet you don’t want to be bland.  Avoid being just like everyone else.

It’s tempting to copy others. In fact I have been told to watch what others do and copy them. That’s true up to a point but you have to put your own spin on it.

Certainly don’t copy other boring or bland websites. Instead think about your business and your vision. Let your website show people what you and only you are all about – never mind what everyone else is doing.

Spice up your marketing by adding your unique style of writing, design and personality to everything you do.

#2 –Become a Super Size

A lot of people have predefined ideas of how they should be.  A lot of it stems from the way we have been brought up.

But when it comes to your business it’s important to let the real you shine through. Think about what personality trait got you into trouble when you were at school. That is probably the exact trait you need to let shine through.

Everything in your business should reflect who you are and what you stand for. If you write in a passionate clear voice that reflects your ethos you can’t fail but to inject your personality into your marketing.

#3 – Create your Identity

When you register on a forum or social media site you are creating an online personality in your profile.

It might be tempting to only fill in the bare essentials but it’s really worth taking the time to fill in all those profile questions.

It’s essential to plan out before you start joining these sites exactly what is your overall personality? Are you traditional or trendy? Are you geeky or creative? What is your business about?

Every time you post comments on blogs or forums you are leaving a bit of your personality and expertise behind. Have you ever checked out someone’s profile on a forum only to find it’s a compete blank? It’s a lost opportunity if you haven’t completed yours.

If you want to make money on the web try personality marketing.  It means putting “you” into your business. What do you do to put “you” into your business?

72 thoughts on “How To Use Your Personality To Make Money On The Web”

  1. You are quite right about that… We leave parts of ourselves wherever we go on the internet and it can get ugly if we don’t check ourselves and make sure we are responding/reacting/fighting for the right reasons. What i like about the internet is that everyone can find their sweet spot if they look carefully. Glad to have stopped by… By the way, I grew up in London. And you?
    Stopped by on my 11th hour visit for the 100 comment challenge.

  2. Hey Sandy,

    This is another Sally. As a matter of fact the other Sally is the one that got me started with this challenge.

    I’m not so sure I want that “high school” demon to return at this point! lol

    I get what you are saying though and the point is well taken.

    All the best!

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