Internet Marketing Guru Secrets DVDs Launched At Last!

It has taken an age but I have at long last launched the UK Internet Marketing Guru Secrets DVDs. The DVDs are from  a UK Internet Marketing Workshop where some of the UK’s top internet marketing gurus revealed their secrets of making money on the internet.

I am ashamed to say that I started this project a couple of years ago when I was doing Nick Jame’s Cracking the Code Course. Then, I got sidetracked and this project took a bit of a backseat.

But looking back, during that time, I learned a ton of new stuff and got to know some very savvy internet marketers which I hope will all help me to make this project successful. So the time was not wasted.

Anyway, after a lot of sweat and toil and tearing my hair out I finally got it together but not without a few difficulties along the way.

I got the sales copy written by a copywriter soon after I bought the license to market the DVDs but after getting several critiques on it I decided to have it rewritten. I am a lot happier with this copy but I will have to see how it converts.

I got the mini site designed by Semmy who comes highly recommended on the Warrior Forum and offers a discount if you order through a link on the Forum. He had done eCovers for me in the past so I knew he was good. I have already had a few people say how much they like the design.

It took me quite a while to find some really good bonuses to offer.  I could have simply offered some PLR eBooks but I wanted to add something of real value. I want people to be blown away by when they receive the package.

Luckily I found some internet marketers who were willing to let me have their products as a sort of Joint Venture.  I have only put some of them on the sales page. The others I have kept as surprise bonuses. I intend to give my buyers a real treat.

After I got the sales letter online I discovered that it did not look right in Internet Explorer so I had to get that fixed. I outsourced the work to a great worker on oDesk who got it sorted out for me in no time. Somehow a lot of unwanted code had got into the HTML.

I got the DVDs duplicated by APR Media.The master DVDs came in a single case but I discovered that it is a design that breaks quite easily. I decided it would be better to have each one in a separate case. You want to deliver something that looks worth what you’ve paid for it after all.

They have so many different styles of cases and covers on their website that I didn’t know what to order.  I had to telephone them explaining that I was a newbie at this DVD duplication stuff but they could not have been more helpful. I had all the artwork for the DVDs so it I just emailed that to them and sent them the master discs.

Then, I had to find a way to create an affiliate programme so I could get other marketers to help me promote the DVDs. After doing a lot of searching and asking advice in internet marketing forums I finally decided on iDevAffiliate software.

I managed to install it on my site but could not get it to work so that was another job I had to outsource. With just a couple of tweaks I was up and running.

I am not  a very technical person but I like to try to do these things myself first. I find that forums are very helpful places to ask questions if I have problems sometimes but if I really get stuck I can usually manage to find someone on oDesk to help me out quite quickly.

All that was the easy part! Now comes the hard part of driving traffic, testing and tweaking it and getting some joint venture partners on board. So if you are reading this and have a list with people who live in the UK why not join my affiliate programme and promote this great DVD package that will help would be or new internet marketers start making money on the internet?

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  1. I have to say that the article has helped me a lot in my seo. thanks for the great info. Just keep your good post coming!

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