5 Steps To Making Money Online With Twitter Hashtags

making money onlineOne of the ways of making money online is through Twitter marketing. Some internet marketers are making a mint by setting up numerous accounts, getting thousands of Twitter followers and then sending them affiliate offers.

Sound simple enough doesn’t it?

Like everything else there is a technique to it. Firstly, it’s not always easy to get thousands of TARGETED  followers. Secondly, you can’t just send your followers affiliate offer after affiliate offer or they will quickly unfollow you.

I want to share with you today a way of getting those TARGETED Twitter followers in the next 5 minutes.

Using the # tag (hash tag) will enable you to join a ‘global’ conversation, and will help potential followers find you on twitter.

By using your niche related # in your tweets, you’ll get TARGETED followers, for free!

Here’s the 5 step process to Making Money Online with Twitter Hashtags

1. Go to http://hashtags.org/

This is the first place to find most recent and hot hashtags.

2 Search for a # tag  in your niche.

3. Write a few tweets including your chosen #tag e.g #health  #dogtraining, #internet, #webmarketing.  Don’t over do it though or you could put people off.

4. Schedule your tweets using a free application such as     https://hootsuite.com

5. Repeat this everyday and watch your followers GROW.

Make your tweets interesting and useful and slip in an affiliate offer from time to time and you will be making money online with your thousands of Twitter followers in no time.

What methods do you use to get more targeted Twitter followers?

8 thoughts on “5 Steps To Making Money Online With Twitter Hashtags”

  1. Sandy, this is brilliant! I have been working hard to build a large following over the last 6 months and this will certainly make things easier. Thank you very much.

  2. just landed on your page…….very good blog you have here. just leaving a comment so say ive swung through

  3. Your post contains some great info on how to make money online using various methods. I wish had access to this information when I started online. After all this years of trail and error, I have concluded that making money online comes down to basics. You stick to one thing and give all your efforts towards it rather than jumping from one system to another

  4. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for a great post. Sadly, I have to confess, Twitter is not one of my fortes. I think that next weekend I am going to follow your method and start posting on Twitter.

    Although you make it sound sooo simple because of my lack of experience with Twitter it sounds sooo complicated (hence dedicating a weekend to learn it)

    Anyway, I may hit you with some questions in our Facebook group.

    I hope all is going well.


    1. Hi Dita,

      We all put things off because of the time it take to learn something new. Twitter is not complicated at all but there are various ways of using it. Some marketers simply use it to post their blog updates and to make connections with fellow marketers while others go all out to make money with it.

      Your presence on Twitter is all part of your branding and it’s thought that the number of your Twitter followers, tweets and retweets goes some way in determining your social signals for your Google ranking.

      Have a great weekend.


  5. That’s a great Site and I just joined it and let’s see i can make something through it or not..

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