iWriter Review – Is It Good Value For Money?

I recently had an email from Brad Callen telling me about his new project iWriter. Brad is the brains behind the software Keyword Elite, SEO Elite and Affiliate Elite as well as a lot of other products and has a good reputation so I thought I would take a look.

iWriter is a site where you can get articles written very cheaply or get paid to write  articles.


Make money on the net

The thing that appealed to me was the fact that the articles are very cheap compared to a lot of other sites. But I did wonder about the quality. What do you get for your money?

Choose your writer quality

Writers are rated as basic, premium or elite so you can select the quality of the article.

Once you register at the site you can request articles of 150, 300, 500, 700 or 1000 words. A 500 word article written by a basic rated writer will set you back just $3.00. For a premium writer you will be charged $5.00 and $8 for an elite writer.

I decided that I would put them to the test. Not one to go overboard I just ordered one article of 500 words and selected a premium writer.

Order your article

Once I had funded my account I had to complete a description of the project, the category, article length, the grade of writer, my keywords, the tone of the article either friendly or formal, the purpose and finally any special instructions.

Make money on the net
When you have used the site for a while and you have found some writers that you like you can choose for your project to be submitted to them only.

I asked for my article to be written in short paragraphs with headings to make it easy to read. You get an email notification when your article is ready and I was surprised that mine was ready in a matter of hours.

This is fantastically quick as you have to wait at least 7 days at some sites for your articles.

Accept or reject

You have to review the article within 3 days and you have the option of accepting it or rejecting it. Unfortunately the writer had not taken any notice of my instuctions and had written a very long first paragraph with no headings.

I also noticed that she had only used my keyword in the article title and not at all in the body.

I assumed that as I was asked for my keyword the writer would automatically use the keyword throughout the article. Some of what she wrote was not true although I was not going to hold that against her but I had to reject the article.

I felt bad having to reject the first article I requested but there was just too much to rewrite myself had I accepted it. I did wondered if I would get some sort of black mark for this.

I have since read that the writer has to write a review of the requester to say if he approved the article quickly or not. Writers are told that it’s better to write for a requester with a good rating so they get paid quicker.

Writers  get paid 81% of the price of each article which I have read is good.  But it doesn’t seem like much to me especially for the lower word count ones.

I submitted a request for another article to be written, only this time I decided that it was better not to assume anything and requested that the keyword should be used at least twice in the article and once in the title.

The second article was done in no time at all and was written exactly as I had requested so I was happy to accept it. They all have to pass copyscape too so you know you have an original article.

Spin tags included

Each article that you receive also includes a separate text file containing your article with spin tags throughout the article.

If you spin articles for distribution to article syndication networks for backlinks this saves you time and money as most service charge between 2-10 dollars for “spin ready” articles. With iWriter you get them absolutely free.

I used them twice again but I had to reject the last one as well. I asked for an article to be written for my detox niche and the writer wrote one about detox for dogs!

It never ocurred to me to specify that my article should be about detox for humans. I had selected the Health & Fitness Category and not Pets so I had to reject it. I hope this is not going to be another black mark for me!

I requested a second article which again was delivered very quickly and was perfect. I had only selected a basic level writer this time as I wanted the article for spinning and distribution so it was good value for money.

I will continue to use iWriter and hope that the they can keep up the incredible speed of delivery and that they don’t put up the prices.

Have you used iWriter yet? If so,  what ws your experience?

4 thoughts on “iWriter Review – Is It Good Value For Money?”

  1. I tried SEO Elite, I had awesome results. I’ll try iWriter too. I hope you’ll get other comments from reader who have already tried it.

  2. It’s so refreshing to see someone else of my vintage trying internet marketing. I’ve been at it for two years but still haven’t achieved anything. I’ve done 3 courses with marketing experts but have still not been able to generate any income. Anyhow with respect to i-writer I still haven’t used them but am meaning to do so. I have used Fweez and they were quite good, Fiverr,and the Warrior Forum. Sometimes with some of the articles it takes me longer to correct than write myself.I particularly like the fact that i-writer give the spintax so that we can make many articles to submit to article directories.It would be great if they could spin the article at the sentence level to make them unique but what do you expect for $8. Thanks for your honest review and I will be following your blog from now on.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Fweez is a new one on me but there are a lot of article sites around. What I like about i-Writer is that it is run by Brad Callen, a well known and well respected marketer, so you can expect good standards. I never have to rewrite an article as I can reject it if it is not good enough and this is what you should be able to do too. If one writter constantly gets rejects he will not last long as one of their writers.

      I don’t know what sort of courses you took but if you have not made any money yet you must be doing something wrong. The problem with so many courses run by so called experts is that they do not set you up with a proven system or offer personal one to one coaching.

      It really helps if you have someone who can show you where you are going wrong and put you on the right track. Someone who does this is brilliantly is James Francis. You might want to take a look at his coaching course here: http://sandy-halliday.com/OnlineIncomeMasterClass

      Wishing you success very soon.


  3. Making a decent amount of money while working few hours from home is a dream of everyone.

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