My Plan For Making Money On The Internet

In the introductory videos of Marc Milburn’s coaching course he talks about planning your internet marketing journey. All coaches talk about planning and setting goals and this as it is essential if you want to be successful at making money online.You have probably heard the saying “Fail to plan and you plan to fail”.

It’s quite true. If you are going on a journey somewhere you would plan it out in advance wouldn’t you. I mean, you wouldn’t just jump on any train in a station and hope you will arrive at the place you want to go to now would you?

It’s the same for your internet marketing journey. You have to plan your journey and that is what I have been guilty of not doing in the past. Well, that’s not strictly true because I did set out some goals in a previous coaching course but not in any great detail.

Marc talked about the importance of developing the right mindset. It’s easy to start off with high hopes of making a fortune virtually overnight with one of the many get rich quick schemes that you see left right and centre on the internet. But, it doesn’t work that way as many of us have discovered.

It is possible to make good money on the internet but you need a good plan of attack and you need to work at it.

I am going to follow Marc’s advice and make 2 plans – a Personal Plan and a Business Plan.

His advice is to plan a year ahead and then break that down into more manageable chunks of 90 days. So you have a 3 month plan, a 6 month plan, a 9 month plan and finally the 12 months. Makes sense doesn’t it?

You then break down the 3 month plan into 1 month and then each month into 4 week plans and the week plans into day by day. I have been making daily plans for some time now and it definitely works. I get far more done when I do this.

The Business plan is obviously where I want to be in my internet business in those time frames and my personal plan is what I want to achieve in my personal life.

Your long term goals are your dreams and aspirations and the short term ones are your daily tasks that you need to get done to reach your big goals. Having short term goals is one way to stay motivated. Motivation and taking action is the key to making money online.

According to figures I see quoted on the internet 95% of people fail in internet marketing. If that is true then its very depressing. The reasons given for this is:

1. Lack of focus. Focusing on running a business and not being distracted by the next big make money overnight opportunity is key to being successful.

2. Follow the wrong system. It is important to follow a system that works. There are a lot of people out there selling stuff that is theory and not something they have put into action and  made money with.  It really pays to do your homework before you decide on a system to follow.

3. Give up too easily. Success in internet marketing is a process. You have to be organized and take consistent action. There is work involved and success will not come immediately. A lot people don’t have the persistence to go through the process. They waste time checking and reading emails and wasting time on social media sites.

Well I do not lack focus, I certainly am not giving up and I am following the right system so it’s full steam ahead! Stay tuned for the next installment of my journey to making money on the internet.

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