How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – QSC


Module 2 of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is about how to get traffic to your blog.  You can read about Module 1 here: I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!

In the first video Dean starts off by talking about getting people to know, like and trust you. He says to do that you have to establish a working relationship with them by getting them to your blog to read your posts.

Well, that is one way I guess, but not the only way. I know marketers who don’t blog or at least don’t blog regularly and still manage to get people to like know and trust them. I think a lot of people have turned to  social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to do that now. ( more on this later)

But, this challenge promises that if you follow the step-by-step blueprint “in just 28 days you’ll be established online, armed with everything you need to build your own email list and driving floods of traffic. Turning on the tap to your very own income machine starting right now!”

Dean says “This is showing you the exact steps I took to build a solid REAL online business. Not some get rich quick BS, but real tangible steps that create LONG TERM success”.

Take action

So, it’s a case of taking action. As Dean so rightly says people who dismiss it as not possible and do nothing don’t get results.

He starts off talking about 2 main simple free methods to get blog traffic but actually includes 3. I’m not sure if I want to do either of the first two again or if I have the time. I am still blogging regularly on my detox blog, sending out my newsletter and trying to get my traffic back. You know how it is!

Free Traffic Method #1

The first one is setting up a link to your blog in your signature file on forums and spending time posting valuable information. When people see your name cropping up regularly they are more likely to click on your link and visit your blog.

He recommends the Warrior forum as the best place to do this as this is where most internet marketers hang out. I have done that before and it did get me some traffic but it can take a lot of time. One coach I had said he did not recommend it.

Free Traffic Method #2

The second method is blog hopping. Once you set up your blog in Module 1 you are asked to submit it to to be included in the blogroll inside the members area. The idea is that you visit other members blogs and leave a comment. It helps to make the blogs look busy so other readers are more likely to leave a comment.

When you blog hop as a way of getting traffic to your blog one of the things you look for before leaving a comment is whether the blog is getting traffic or not. If readers are leaving comments then that’s a good sign that it gets traffic. There is no point in leaving a comment if no one is going to read it and possibly visit your blog from your link.

I started visiting the blogs in the blog roll and sadly quite a few I have visited seem to be abandoned but I guess that is par for the course. It really takes a lot of commitment to keep up posting regularly as I have found. There are just so many hours in the day.

One of the best ways I have found for increasing blog traffic is by leaving comments on blogs that use the Comment Luv plugin.

Free Traffic Method #3

Social Media

One of the videos in this module touches on getting some traffic by sharing your posts on Facebook & Twitter. Of course you have to do more than that. Facebook is all about making friends, engaging them, commenting as well as posting.

Measuring your traffic

You have to have some way of measuring your traffic to see if all your efforts have been worth while and you can do this through Google Analytics. An easy way to do this is with the free Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin.
It does a lot more besides just analysing traffic and there is a short video on Worpress plugin site that describes it all.

Week 2 Challenge

The challenge for this week is to install the Google Analytics plugin and to start to drive traffic using the methods listed above.

My blog is already hooked up to Google Analytics but I have not used this or any other plugin to do it. I have taken a look at the one Dean suggests and it seems to have added benefits so I am going to install it.

So far this is all very basic stuff and others have said that these free traffic methods take a lot of time and once you stop your traffic dries up. Dean, on the other hand, says that he continues to get traffic from the Warrior Forum from his signature  file in posts he made a long time ago.

Once you know how to get traffic  to your blog you can start email list building. This is what Module 3 is about. Stay tuned!