Rapid Cash Tactics Review

I have just had the chance to look inside Ashley Gough’s Rapid Cash Tactics.
Ashley, in case you don’t know, had a stressful 9 – 5 job running an IT consultancy firm where she found herself working evenings and weekends for no extra money.

Then, luckily, someone introduced her to making money online through affiliate marketing.  But she studied all the ebooks and courses she could lay her hands on and listened to every word the gurus said but wasn’t getting the results she wanted. For the whole of the first year though she did not make any money.

She was like hundreds of other would be marketers who did not really get started on her business. She was spending so much time learning that she did not take any action.

Once she realized this she got busy working on her business instead of trying to get to grips with all the technical stuff that wasn’t necessary.

She just concentrated on the simple stuff and guess what? She started to see results. Now that’s not an unusual story. You hear it all the time in internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simple enough if you follow a system that has been shown to work and that is what Ashley has done in Rapid Cash Tactics.

If you are still struggling trying to make money online then let Ashley hold you by the hand and show you how in her step-by-step course.

I was a bit surprised to find that Ashley herself was not doing the video presentations. It’s a male voice but hey, the information is great and he’s got a great style, whoever he is.

Here is what you get:

  • 26 Videos and 4 Bonus videos & Audio Files

The 30 videos are very clear and easy to follow over the shoulder tutorials. They show you exactly how to set up your affiliate marketing business and make money from it. They cover all you need to know about affiliate marketing from choosing choosing a profitable niche to getting traffic to it without having to do anything complicated or having to have a website.

Now don’t get worried and think you will have to spend hours and hours going through the videos. They are all fairly short but packed with vital information. I don’t think I saw one over 21 minutes long.

You also get them as Mp3 audio files for easy listening.

  • 7 Quick Start Modules

As well as the videos you get the Master Rapid Cash Tactics Blueprint and the 7 Quick Start Modules. The quick start modules are short pdf reports about 8 or 9 pages.

These are the one criticism I have of the course. Although the sales page claims they go in depth into all her favorite strategies to find cash at the press of a button I find them a bit short and I was left wanting to know more.

  • Rapid Action Bonus

I don’t know how long this will be available but Ashley is offering a more substantial report about PLR and how to make money from it for a limited number of buyers.

Should you buy it?

If you want to know how to make money online or are still struggling to make money then I would absolutely go for it!  And for the very low introductory price of $37 it’s a real bargain.

Find out more here:  Rapid Cash Tactics

3 thoughts on “Rapid Cash Tactics Review”

  1. This looks like a good resource, Sandy. Thanks for sharing. The introductory price is a steal for the content.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Rapid Cash Tactics is perfect for us. This simple, doable, and effective system will show you how to get thousands of active subscribers, use social marketing to boost your income, and double the amount of cash spent by your visitors. It will also teach you the steps you need to follow to find profitable products.

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