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making money onlineI have seen the Seven Link Challenge mentioned on blogs but I didn’t stay long enough to read what it was all about. Somehow I thought it was similar to the 100 blog challenge which I did last year and I couldn’t face doing that again right now.

But after reading more about it on Sergio Felix’s blog and leaving a comment he nominated me to join in the Challenge. See what happens when I open my big mouth!

So, I expect you are wondering what it is all about.

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making money onlineWhat a relief,  I have just finished the 100 blog comment challenge. If you want to know what it was all about I wrote about it in a previous post: Generating Traffic with the 100 Blog Challenge.

It was no mean feat either I can tell you. I started on 8th August and finished last night the 25th,  just five days before the deadline. Although I decided at the beginning that I would visit 5 blogs a day sometimes I didn’t. At one stage I thought that I would never finish it in time. It seemed a never ending task.

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making money on the internetNow this is one of those ideas that makes you say why didn’t I think of that. Like all good ideas it seems so obvious after someone has come up with it. After all the oil rig hopping that I was doing for generating blog traffic for Alex’s blog traffic competition a couple of months ago this should be a breeze.

What is the 100 Blog Challenge?

The challenge is to get 100 individual comments on a blog post. The idea was born out of a throwaway comment Jacinta Dean made on an internet training forum.

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