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I really think that Alex Jeffreys, my former mentor and coach, has lost the plot. I can’t believe that he’s practically giving away his Million Dollar Blueprint for how to make money online.

Make Money Online With Million Dollar Blueprint

Experienced and newbie internet marketers are snapping it up like crazy and at the price he’s selling it for you can understand why.

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Many people think that blogging is fun and very easy and that you can make money on the web without much effort.

You may have read some eBooks where they tell you that all you have to do to make money online is to start blogging, add some AdSense code and promote some affiliate products in your posts and you will make money.

While it may appear like that when you look at some successful bloggers, let me tell you it doesn’t work quite like that. Most successful bloggers have put in some serious work to get their blogs making money for them.

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Outsource it for a Fiverr!

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Some of Alexs Jeffreys students are saying that outsourcing is too expensive when you are just starting out. Well, I just heard about this cool new website where you can hire people for $5.00 to do anything you want.

Well, anything within reason I guess although there is some weird stuff being offered! This looks like a great way to outsource stuff.

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