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I’m not happy. Not happy at all. I think I have taken a hit from Penguin. The traffic to my detox blog has dropped off again in spite of the SEO back links I have been building since Google’s Panda.

Google launched Penguin, their latest algorithm change, on April 24th and I have noticed that my search engine traffic has been going down and down since then.

Some of it may be the time of the year of course as the majority of people are searching for information about detox in the earlier part of the year. Still it makes me wonder.

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Get Free Traffic With Content Curation

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Have you heard of content curation? Although it’s been around for some time content curation seems to be the latest buzz word in blogging circles.

I have only just heard the term and became curious about it as it is a way to get free traffic to your blog or website.

To put it simply, curated content is when you take other people’s information, publish it on your site, provide a link to it, and add your own introduction, comments and summary.

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I know that a lot of internet marketers have already got their goals for 2012 all mapped out already. December seems to have crept up on me this year and I have to confess that I have only just got to thinking about setting goals for making money online in 2012.

What about you? Have you set yours yet? It’s not too late.

I’m sure you have heard the expression attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

It’s so true. Another way of looking at is if you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there?

When I first started online I had no clear picture of where I was going. I just sort of bumbled along trying this and trying that not really getting anywhere fast.

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Link juice is not the latest fad in health drinks but you need it for the health of your blog or website. Without link juice your site is not going to be ranked by the search engines.  Without traffic your site  is dead.

So what is link juice?

Link juice, or link love as it is sometimes called,  is a term that you have probably seen and heard all over the internet but do you know exactly what it means? I had an idea but wanted to find out more. With a bit of research I discovered that the term was first used by SEO consultant Greg Boser.

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