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I just came across an excellent video on free traffic generation that Willie Crawford recorded and I thought it would be a good idea to share it on this blog but there was one problem. It would not fit!

I know that you can change the size of YouTube Videos easily enough to embed them on a WordPress blog but this one came from the LoyaltePays Library and is no way to alter the size.

Fortunately one of the other members came up with the ideal solution by using The WordPress Video lightbox plugin.

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Well, it’s the end of week 2 of the Challenge. I can’t believe how the time has flown.

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I am in Spain on a 4 week break and it’s quite a challenge in itself to spend the time doing this as well as everything else I want to do for my detox nichel.  I was not expecting to be doing this challenge when we left so I am doing this on top of everything else.

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Well, it’s been a week since I started the Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge and as promised I am reporting on my results so far.

Just to fill you in, if you haven’t got time to read the post, Dean Holland announced this Challenge last week in his webinar for the Licensee Partner Program. (Contact me if you want to know more about this program.)

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Now there’s a challenge! I do love a challenge don’t you? I’ve just finished Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge and now I’ve just taken on this one.

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Following the huge success of the Quick Start Challenge I jumped at the chance to be one of Dean’s licenced partners. As part of the program to keep us all on our toes Dean has just come up with the idea of the “Turn $100 into $2000 in 60 Days Challenge”.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – QSC

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Module 2 of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is about how to get traffic to your blog.  You can read about Module 1 here: I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!

In the first video Dean starts off by talking about getting people to know, like and trust you. He says to do that you have to establish a working relationship with them by getting them to your blog to read your posts.

Well, that is one way I guess, but not the only way. I know marketers who don’t blog or at least don’t blog regularly and still manage to get people to like know and trust them. I think a lot of people have turned to  social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to do that now. ( more on this later)

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Creating My Lead Magnet

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Module 4 of Marc Milburn’s coaching course is all about building a list of subscribers. The first modules were about setting up our blogs which serve as half of our business hubs. Our subscriber lists will form the other half.

A lead magnet is something free that you offer as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list. You have probably already downloaded a ton of free reports that you got this way and are now sitting on your hard drive. I know I have.

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making money onlineAt long last I have written my own free report to help with my list building. Up until now I have been promoting other people’s stuff to get sign ups but I had always intended to write my own.

The problem has always been what topic to choose. There are so many niches related to making money online but after thinking long and hard about it and doing a bit of lurking in the forums I decided that getting traffic is one of the main problems that many internet marketers face.

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Well this week’s mentoring has been about getting free traffic to our blogs.  The whole purpose of getting traffic is to get people to sign up to your lists so you can make money working online. There have been 5 Webinars over 5 consecutive evenings packed with the most amazing stuff ever. Talk about information overload. So much to do, I hardly know where to start.  There are many many ways of driving traffic to your blog but as I go oil rig hopping around other student’s blogs it’s clear that if you are blogging for website traffic you have to brand yourself to be a successful blogger.
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Some of the students are already standing out from the crowd with the way they write and are getting a lot of comments on their posts because of it. I feel deflated. Why can’t I write like that? My post seems so mundane by comparison. Will people be interested in what I have to say?

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Yes, that’s what my mentor Alex says to do to get traffic to your blog. Oil rig hopping is his term for blog commenting. This week’s seminars are all about getting free traffic to your blog.  With one seminar each night it’s been mind blowing so far and there is still more to come!

Alex likens blogs to oil rigs. Algae grows on the legs of the oil rigs which attracts shell fish. They attract little fish which in turn attracts the bigger fish. Your blog content is the algae and the people who comment on your posts are the fish.

Oil rig Hopping

Oil rig hopping is visiting other people’s blogs and leaving valuable comments on their posts. This activity has the effect of naturally driving traffic to your own blog if done correctly. Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog.  You can offer your visitors  free stuff to entice them to join your email list, send them to your website or affiliate products.  This is how you can make money working online.

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