Creating My Lead Magnet

Module 4 of Marc Milburn’s coaching course is all about building a list of subscribers. The first modules were about setting up our blogs which serve as half of our business hubs. Our subscriber lists will form the other half.

A lead magnet is something free that you offer as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list. You have probably already downloaded a ton of free reports that you got this way and are now sitting on your hard drive. I know I have.

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How To Customize PLR Articles To Make Money Online

We all have limited hours in the day and PLR articles can be a great shortcut for any online business owner. PLR sometimes get knocked. Let’s face it there is good and bad PLR. But if you find good Private Label Rights articles there are plenty of ways to use them to help you make money online.

You can use PLR for so many things. Here are a few that spring to mind:

  • Submit them to article directories
  • Use for blog posts
  • Use them as content for newsletters
  • Make them into an eCourse
  • Create an eBooks
  • Create short reports and sell them of upload to document sharing sites
  • Use them for quick forum posts
  • Create audio & video products
  • Resell them in bundles

Watch Video below to see how to make them unique:

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