I’ve Published An eBook On Kindle!

I haven’t been posting regularly to my blog recently. My excuse is that I have had (and still have) so many ” making money online from home” things going on that writing blog posts has had to take a back seat for a while.

I have been trying to get my new squeeze funnel together, getting new sales copy for my detox ebook, getting a Kindle book created, working on my Green Organics business and organizing a party for my big ?O birthday. (No, I am not telling you which one., a woman has to have some secrets!)

I know that’s far too many things to be doing at one time but for various reasons too boring to go into here,  that’s the way it worked out. One project that I have at last finished is to publish an ebook on Kindle. It’s called
How To Thin Legs: Get Thinner Thighs And Slim Calves Fast

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