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Well, it’s the end of week 2 of the Challenge. I can’t believe how the time has flown.

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I am in Spain on a 4 week break and it’s quite a challenge in itself to spend the time doing this as well as everything else I want to do for my detox nichel.  I was not expecting to be doing this challenge when we left so I am doing this on top of everything else.

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make money on the internet

Well, it’s been a week since I started the Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge and as promised I am reporting on my results so far.

Just to fill you in, if you haven’t got time to read the post, Dean Holland announced this Challenge last week in his webinar for the Licensee Partner Program. (Contact me if you want to know more about this program.)

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog With Digg

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Making money on the internetDigg has become a very powerful social bookmarking site and is a great way to get traffic to your blog, website, or articles. You simply vote on content you find on the web and share it with other users. And as with most social networking tools, the more followers you have, the more effective your results.

Digg is another method you can use to help you make money on the internet. More traffic = more money. Here’s how to get followers on Digg and get traffic to your blog.

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make money on the webThere are many types of social websites that you can find online, including an entire group that bookmarks favourites for people. These are websites like Digg and Furl, which allow people to save copies of any website or page that they desire and share it with people.

StumbleUpon is another good site that bookmarks favourites, and it operates on the same principles as the first too. You really have to take the time to utilize these sites effectively in your marketing if you want to find success with them.

If you are able to get your content ranked high on one of these sites, you will be able to generate more traffic, better visitors, and many useful backlinks for your business along the way.

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