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I just came across an excellent video on free traffic generation that Willie Crawford recorded and I thought it would be a good idea to share it on this blog but there was one problem. It would not fit!

I know that you can change the size of YouTube Videos easily enough to embed them on a WordPress blog but this one came from the LoyaltePays Library and is no way to alter the size.

Fortunately one of the other members came up with the ideal solution by using The WordPress Video lightbox plugin.

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Making Money Online with Exit Splash

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I have been using Exit Splash on one of my sales pages for about a year now and I have added it to several others recently so thought it was about time I wrote about it. Exit Splash provides a way of grabbing the traffic that is about to leave your site and is another great tool to help you make money online.

I am sure you have seen these message boxes that frequently appear when you go to leave a site that urge you to stay on the page for something special like a discount, free report or another enticing offer.

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I know that a lot of internet marketers have already got their goals for 2012 all mapped out already. December seems to have crept up on me this year and I have to confess that I have only just got to thinking about setting goals for making money online in 2012.

What about you? Have you set yours yet? It’s not too late.

I’m sure you have heard the expression attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

It’s so true. Another way of looking at is if you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there?

When I first started online I had no clear picture of where I was going. I just sort of bumbled along trying this and trying that not really getting anywhere fast.

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Make money onlineHave you noticed how everyone seems to be promoting products about how to make money online with free online social networking sites and especially Facebook at the moment? Since I have been away for a couple of weeks in not so sunny Spain my inbox has been flooded with promotions for Facebook products.

So although Facebook has been used for keeping in touch with friends and family why has it suddenly become the darling of internet marketers?  Daniel Thorley has written a great article that explains it all that I would like to share with you today.

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make money on the internetDaniel Thorley is an young entrepreneur who’s been there, done it and got the T shirt as they say. He is passionate about helping other aspiring internet marketers to grow their businesses so they can make money on the internet.

Daniel discovered that building relationships is the key ingredient to getting traffic to  your websites and buying products or services. One way of doing this is through social bookmarking. Here is his excellent article about how to do it.

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website traffic generationNouse is a word I have not heard nor used for a long time. It’s an old English word that means know how or skills. I saw it mentioned in a newsletter that I received and it gave me an idea for this title. It’s funny how these things happen. So what has it got to do with free traffic generation?

Well coach Alex set his students a competition to see who could drive the most traffic to his or her blog from 11th May to 7th June.  When I visited the forum recently I saw a post by one of the students about the number of visitors he had to his blog and I was devastated.

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Yes, that’s what my mentor Alex says to do to get traffic to your blog. Oil rig hopping is his term for blog commenting. This week’s seminars are all about getting free traffic to your blog.  With one seminar each night it’s been mind blowing so far and there is still more to come!

Alex likens blogs to oil rigs. Algae grows on the legs of the oil rigs which attracts shell fish. They attract little fish which in turn attracts the bigger fish. Your blog content is the algae and the people who comment on your posts are the fish.

Oil rig Hopping

Oil rig hopping is visiting other people’s blogs and leaving valuable comments on their posts. This activity has the effect of naturally driving traffic to your own blog if done correctly. Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog.  You can offer your visitors  free stuff to entice them to join your email list, send them to your website or affiliate products.  This is how you can make money working online.

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