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Making Money onlineAs I’ve been doing the rounds of some internet marketing forums recently to generate traffic to my blog I’ve seen some questions about a WordPress Slug.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain what it is here for those who don’t know.

Let me assure you that it’s certainly not some fat slimy creature that slithers its way through your blog chomping on anything it fancies on the way like a destructive computer virus!

In fact, a slug is a string of a few well chosen words that helps with the SEO of your blog.

What Is A WordPress Slug & How Does It Work?

According to WordPress Glossary:

A slug is a few words that describe a post or a page. Slugs are usually a URL friendly version of the post title (which has been automatically generated by WordPress), but a slug can be anything you like. Slugs are meant to be used with permalinks as they help describe what the content at the URL is.

When you post a new page or article on a WordPress blog, the site automatically creates a miniature “slug”.

It appears under the blog post title in the editor.

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I realized when I mentioned the CommentLuv Plugin in my last post that I had not written a post about it even though I had meant to.  So, as I am often being asked by subscribers how to get free traffic here’s my long overdue post about how to get free traffic to your blog with CommentLuv Premium.

There are two versions of this WordPress Plugin. CommentLuv Lite which is the free version and CommentLuv Premium the paid for version which has a whole host of added features.

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How to make money on the internetI have had a lucky escape with the BlogPressSEO WordPress Plugin. I have just found out it was malware!  I had it installed on 3 blogs too.

I installed this plugin about a year ago.  I can’t remember exactly how I came by it but I must have been convinced that it was going to help my blogs with SEO. There was a free version and a paid version but I had the free version.

Just recently I started having some problems with the text captcha plugin on this blog and I also noticed that I was getting this error text at the bottom of my blog posts.

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Super List Building With Popup Domination

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I have just installed the Popup Domination plugin on this blog. You will probably see it appear soon (hopefully). I hope it does not annoy people and that instead it will help to increase my subscribers.

I used to use an exit popup but I disabled that after I got complaints from readers. When a reader submitted a comment it triggered the exit popup and the person though that their comment had not been submitted although it had.

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