Where’s Your About Page? I’m Nosey and I Want to Know More About You

As I am visiting (or oil rig hopping as Alex calls it – a subject for a future post) other blogs to see what some of Alex Jeffreys other students have written I notice that some haven’t got an About Page. It may be just that they just have not had the time yet and that they will add one soon.Alex has said just get your blog going and that is what many are doing.

But, I have come across other blogs that don’t have an About Page. I don’t know about you but I feel cheated. I’m nosey and if I like the blog and the blog posts I am curious about the person behind it.

Some students, I notice, are writing about themselves as their first post. I nearly did that too as Alex said tell your story. But when I thought about it I realized that this post would eventually disappear off the first page (unless you make it static), So I decided to put my story on my About Page and start my blog with another topic. I think it’s a big mistake not to have an About Page or Who Is Page as some people call it.

When blogs first began they were online diaries or web logs so they were all about the person. But since everyone on the Internet has jumped on them now to promote their online and offline businesses they are not the same.

Connect with your reader

An About Page is a great way to connect with your readers and to build a relationship with them.  Relationship marketing is not just about how you relate to your list when you email them although this helps you to make money on the web.

Of course you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself but it’s a good way to let readers know a bit about your background, why you started your blog and why they should listen to you. If readers can identify with you then they are much more likely to take an interest in what you write and visit your blog again and again and take your advice or buy your products.

Don’t go over the top with your Who is either. I have seen some where the blogger just pours his or her heart out with a real sob story  that takes forever to read.  Sometimes it’s embarrassing.   Do you know what I mean? I don’t want to read this either.  It’s best to keep it short and sweet.

It’s a good idea to add a picture of yourself too. People will remember you better if they have a mental image of you.

Link to other sites and pages

You can use your About page to link to other websites you may have or to articles you have written and are proud of. As your blog develops you can go back and add links in your About Page to drive readers to particular posts that you would like them to read.

How can you help your readers?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase ” what’s in it for me” or seen the acronym WIIFM. People are looking for information on the internet. Your About Page can tell them exactly what your blog is about and how you can help them.

So to sum it up, when I visit a blog I want to know, Who are you? What’s your story? What is your blog about? Why should I keep reading it? What’s in it for me? And what should I do next?

What’s your take on About Pages? How have you written yours?

15 thoughts on “Where’s Your About Page? I’m Nosey and I Want to Know More About You”

  1. hey Sandy

    love your site ive got an about you page havnt put much info on it tho im defo gona change it soon


  2. Hi Sandy,

    Great insight about blogs and the “About” page.

    I really appreciate the advice on “How can you help your readers?” portion. I’ve never given it that much thought however, you make some very valid points on what people want to know.

    I am certainly guilty of not telling my readers: What is your blog about? Why should I keep reading it? What’s in it for me? And what should I do next?

    Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve got some work to do on my blog, so I’ll be cutting this short.

    Good Luck and I’ll be checking in periodically,

  3. Sandy great post.

    So many people miss the chance to connect with their readers through an about page.

    I read the other day that it’s one of the most read pages on a blog.

    Better go and have a look at mine now then.

    Great and informative post.

    Reach new heights,


  4. Hey Sandy,

    Great post. It got me thinking.

    Once I add more content to my blog, say maybe a post or two, I can cut and paste my 1st post into a page titled “About”. Et Viola, an “About” page.

    Thanks Sandy!

  5. Hey Sandy,

    Great reminder for people writing blogs on the importance of the “about me” page.

    People really want to know the person behind the words and website. I guess at the end of the day, we as humans want to connect with one another.

    I’m looking forward to your future success and so excited about being part of the community with MWA. Hope we can help each other succeed 🙂

  6. Hola Chica!

    Great post! I thought about including my About Me info on a page of it’s own, yet I created a category instead. I plan to continually add information to this category. That way, my reader’s have an opportunity to “grow” with me and really feel engaged.

    I still need to add information on what the blog has to offer as a whole, and I’ll add this information to the About US page.



    1. Good idea LaTonya. That could work. I think that as long as there is an easy way of readers finding out more about you without having to wade through a lot of posts it’s okay. Do you plan to write anything on the About Page that’s at the top of your blog? You could put a link there to take them to your About Page category.
      Every success

  7. Hey Sandy, I enjoyed reading a post like this from a fellow MWA student. Great job, lots of good advice here!

    Darren L Carter

  8. Hey Sandy, well the first thing I did after I read your blog post was go read about you 🙂 I think we are all trying to escape the rat race so I can see where you husband is coming from. That’s a really honest about me page you have, it’s nice to get to know the other students, I hope more of them follow your lead, Sally 🙂

  9. Hey Sandy,

    A very good post and some valid points. As my first post speaks a bit about me online, will have the about page have a link to it.

    All the best


  10. Hi Sandy

    After reading your recent post on About Me pages you’ve put mine to shame (lol).

    It’s one of those things that you know you should do but don’t like writing because it’s about yourself.

    Lots of really good advice that I will take on board.


    Dawn Kay

  11. Hi Sandy, you are so right. I always go the the about page on websites but, I must admit, I haven’t put to much effort into my ‘about’ page. I think I will go and make some changes. Thank for the heads up! Sandy

  12. Hey Sandy,

    Great post! I need to get my ABOUT page together myself. There seems to be so much to do just to set things up. It is worht it though. i think you picked a great domain name and you have an awesome theme to go along side it. Let’ keep taking action and bring in huge success.

    All the best.


  13. Hey Sandy,

    I responded to your question over on my blog (in the comments). Hope it helps!

    Darren L Carter

  14. Hi Sandy,

    I knew there was something I’d forgotten to do on my blog 🙁
    Thanks for reminding everyone – it does look unprofessional when you see the standard message ‘This is an example of a WordPress page’
    If my about me page isn’t there next time you look shout at me


    .-= Keith Purkiss (MWA2)´s last blog ..My Good Buddy and twenty identical emails =-.

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