Recycle Your Old Blog Posts If Get Stuck For An Idea

making money on the internetReading about Jane Fonda’s new workout DVD made me think about how you can recycle your old blog posts. Just as Jane has given a new twist to her original best selling exercise videos you can give a new twist to your old blog posts.

By the way this post came about from one of My 5 Top Tips For Getting Ideas For Blog Posts which I wrote a post about not long ago.

I am talking here about recycling your old blog posts by re-posting them on your blog. There are other ways of recycling old blog posts by posting them elsewhere but that will have to be a subject for another blog post.

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My 5 Top Tips For Getting Ideas For Blog Posts

Making money onlineFrom what I read on internet marketing and making money online forums bloggers often have a hard time coming up with ideas for blog posts.

Ever since my last blog post I have been thinking about what I should write for my next blog post. I was hoping to maybe get some inspiration from something that I saw or read or from someone I met over the weekend. In the end my idea for this blog post came not from any of those things but from just wondering what to write.

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I Have Claimed My Blog On Technorati!

One if the things I read recently about SEO and getting traffic to my blog was that I should submit my blog to Technorati. They call it “claiming” your blog which you have to do with a claim code that looks like this 3JFEU6AJR6JY.  Something I had completely overlooked until now.

Technorati, if you don’t already know, is a search engine for searching blogs. It’s a big and important blog directory. By adding your blog you can get another valuable backlink to your blog.  Technorati has a page rank of 8.

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My Lucky Escape With BlogPressSEO WordPress Plugin

How to make money on the internetI have had a lucky escape with the BlogPressSEO WordPress Plugin. I have just found out it was malware!  I had it installed on 3 blogs too.

I installed this plugin about a year ago.  I can’t remember exactly how I came by it but I must have been convinced that it was going to help my blogs with SEO. There was a free version and a paid version but I had the free version.

Just recently I started having some problems with the text captcha plugin on this blog and I also noticed that I was getting this error text at the bottom of my blog posts.

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Super List Building With Popup Domination

I have just installed the Popup Domination plugin on this blog. You will probably see it appear soon (hopefully). I hope it does not annoy people and that instead it will help to increase my subscribers.

I used to use an exit popup but I disabled that after I got complaints from readers. When a reader submitted a comment it triggered the exit popup and the person though that their comment had not been submitted although it had.

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I Am Getting Mobile

I have just spent the last 3 weeks on holiday in Spain, soaking up the fantastic hot sunny weather. It was a bit of a shock arriving back to this cold weather here I can tell you.  While I was there I noticed an article in one of the free English newspapers about how to make a website mobile friendly.

It seems that nearly everyone except me has a smart phone these days so I had not thought about this before. Although it’s possible to view a website on a mobile device space is short and not everything that you would normally see on your laptop or PC will fit on the mobile screen easily.

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Delicious Social Bookmarking For Publicity

Delicious is a popular social bookmarking website service for saving, organizing, sharing and finding web content. It is an excellent way of getting more traffic to your blog or website to help you make money online.

Today I am posting an article about using delicious for publicity by my colleague Alison Rothwell, an internet marketer and SEO expert.

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Creating My Free Training Page

One tip I learned from Marc about another way of getting subscribers to opt-in to my list was to create a “Free Training” page on my blog. The idea is to use it as another way to get people to my squeeze page for my free report lead magnet.

To do this I had to create a new page by going into Pages in my WordPress dashboard and creating a page with the title Free Training. This should have added another tab to the navigation bar at the top of my blog but it didn’t!

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Creating My Lead Magnet

Module 4 of Marc Milburn’s coaching course is all about building a list of subscribers. The first modules were about setting up our blogs which serve as half of our business hubs. Our subscriber lists will form the other half.

A lead magnet is something free that you offer as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list. You have probably already downloaded a ton of free reports that you got this way and are now sitting on your hard drive. I know I have.

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