Essential Components Of An Effective Online Marketing Strategy

In this digital world, effective and comprehensive strategies of online marketing can help every business owner to increase its potential customers. While evaluating the strategy, you must focus on the six components mentioned below to fuel up your business growth and take your business to the next successive level.

Website Design:

Your website is the face of your company, so your website must be professional, simple and easy to navigate. While designing the website, you must focus on following:

  • Include call to action buttons on most of the pages so that the readers can think about what your organization can do for them.
  • Optimize your sites on all the web browsers, including smart phones and mobiles as these devices are growing at fast pace and most of the people are browsing internet on these devices.
  • Inserting the keywords in your content in a natural way.

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How To Convert PDF To Editable Word Doc For Free & Safely

make money onlineHave you ever wondered how to convert a pdf to an editable word doc for free?

I have and the result brought all sorts of problems with it.

Before I get into that you might be wondering why you would need to convert a pdf into a word document in the first place.

Well, you might have a PLR pdf report that didn’t come with a source file or you can’t find it and you want to edit the pdf.

You might want to add your name to it as the author, add some information about yourself to personalize it, add some more information, correct grammar or spelling mistakes, update it or simply make it your own.

All this is very important if you want your pdf to go viral which I talked about in my last post about viral reports.

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How to Get Email Subscribers with Viral Reports

Make money on the webThere’s been a flurry of listbuilding courses released recently but I don’t think I have seen any mention of using viral reports as a way to get new email subscribers.

In my last post I wrote about some strategies for content marketing and creating a free report from your content was one of them but you can take it one step further and make it go viral and get more email subscribers.

What is a viral report?

A viral report is  a free report that spreads across your niche like a virus because it contains such good information that your readers want to share it with others.

Have you ever downloaded a free report that doesn’t  have a website link inside? I have and I can’t imagine why any marketer would want to miss a trick like this.

Even if the report does not go viral he’s missed a vital oportunity to entice the reader to his or her website or affiliate site.

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Google Reader Alternatives – My 3 Top Picks

I’ve been using Google Reader for some years and was gob-smacked to discover that Google will discontinue this service in July. I have had a look at some Google Reader alternatives but have not yet decided on one.

As well as using the reader to follow my favorite blogs and interesting sites I get all my Google alerts delivered to it. I prefer this to having the alerts arrive into my email box so I am also looking for a reader that will let me continue with this.

I use the reader to keep track of the blogs that I have chosen for their rank and traffic so I can be one of the first to comment  on a new post to help generate traffic to this blog for The Quick Start Challenge as well as the Turn £100 into $2000 Challenge .

Making money on the web

I’ve looked at countless sites to get the lowdown on alternatives and there are plenty of them but here’s my shortlist:

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Will Optin Crusher Increase My Optins?

Did you notice the optin form that rolled up at the bottom of the page soon after you arrived here?  Neat isn’t it?

According to its creator, Daniel Watrous, “Optin Crusher  is the best way to get your website visitor’s attention without interrupting them, and to get them onto your email list.” Well, we’ll see!

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How To Hide An Affiliate Link With A PHP Redirect Script

I thought I would write this quick post about how to hide an affiliate link with a php redirect script because I wanted to use it on Pinterest and could not find any really complete instructions for it.  Well, not ones that technophobes could understand!

I’ve only just got into Pinterest after buying NonStoPinterest ( read more about that here) and I had heard that Pinterest has clamped down on marketers spamming it with their affiliate links. This is what happened when it first launched.

In fact, when I tried to add an affiliate link, I had cloaked with Pretty Link,  to my image to promote an  affiliate product the system would not allow it. I asked in the NonStoPinterest Facebook  group and Chris suggested I could try a redirect using a php script and gave me some brief instructions about how to do it.

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Installing A New WordPress Share Plugin Blew Up My Blog!

Oh boy, have I had some trouble! You wouldn’t think that installing a couple of plugins could cause so many problems. I have been wanting to change the WordPress share plugin I was using on my detox blog to one that included a prominent Pinterest Pinit button for some time.

One that was recommended by James Penn in his Facebook Thief Warrior special Offer, that I bought recently, was the Really Simple Facebook Twitter WordPress Share plugin.

James said that it worked wonders for increasing the sharing  and to get more traffic to his blog  and when I took a look at it on his blog it appeared to be exactly what I wanted. I went ahead and uninstalled the one I was using and installed the new one.

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Email Subject Line Tricks Don’t Cut It With Me

I don’t know about you but I have had enough of these email subject lines that try to trick you into opening them. In their efforts to win readers many internet marketers seem to have resorted to using email subject lines that – well – just suck.

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My e-mail was hacked – Creating a secure password

making money on the internetIt’s a while since I wrote something on this blog but there has been so much going on that I simply have not had time. ( more about that soon!) But yesterday my e-mail account was hacked so I felt I should warn you.

Hacking is getting worse so it can happen to you too. I wasn’t the only one though. I heard that a lot of Yahoo and Google mail accounts were hacked even though Google mail uses https security.

It wasn’t too long ago that my computer doctor sent out a newsletter warning about this. Did I take his advice about creating a secure password ? Unfortunately not.

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What Is EPC And Does It Matter To Affiliate Marketers?

It was only when I joined Warrior Plus that I first cam across EPC’s. Earnings per click or EPC as it is more commonly known, is probably one of the most important numbers for an affiliate marketer to know and understand.

Having a good understanding of what EPC is and how it is calculated can help you to quickly identify offers that will help you reach your income goals.

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