How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog With These Blog Promotion Tips

Are you getting enough traffic to your blog? I’m guessing that the answer is probably not. I mean can we ever have enough traffic?

One of the questions I consistently see being asked in internet marketing forums is how to get traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers get disillusioned with blogging when they find that they are spending hours creating content that nobody sees.

It is disheartening when you have created great content that you think Google will love and you are lucky if you get a handful of visitors from your usual blog promotion efforts.

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5 Content Marketing Strategies for Bloggers To Boost Traffic

Make money onlineContent marketing is hot! Content marketing is the new SEO. Content marketing has killed SEO. Content marketing is the buzzword for 2013.

These are some of the headlines I saw as I was blog hopping my way round the internet on my blog commenting exercise to drive traffic to my blog for both the Quick Start Challenge and  Turn $100 into $2,000 in 60 Days Challenge

What the heck is content marketing?

I found some really long and complicated explanations about it but the simplest one I found that sums it up nicely was this:

“Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of promoting a product or service.”

In other words, it is content that you put on your website and promote. It can be text, video, infographics, images, whatever you put on your site.

The word is out that Google is favoring content marketing.

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How I Increased My Website Traffic With Non Stop Pinterest

Making money onlineWhen I first heard about Pinterest I could not see what all the fuss was about. Pinning pictures! Who’s got time for that? I had enough to do just trying to get traffic to my sites.

Then, I started hearing that Pinterest was the latest and greatest way to get traffic to affiliate products. I downloaded a few free ebooks and reports about marketing with Pinterest but I had more than enough projects on the go to even think about it.

Later I heard that Pinterest was clamping down on all these marketers who were spamming the site with their affiliate links but it was still good for getting traffic to your own sites.

I read in one of the books that you could get people on fiverr to create an account for you with ready made boards & pin. That sounded good to me and in the middle of last year I booked a fiverr gig that promised to create an account and pin at least 300 images related to my niche. All for just $5.00!

The seller got it all set up for me using a fictitious name. It looked great but because I had all these other projects on the go that took up mu time I never did anything with it.

Can you believe that it took me until the end of last year to actually get started with it? And that was all due to Non StoPinterest 2.0.

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Get Free Traffic With Content Curation

Have you heard of content curation? Although it’s been around for some time content curation seems to be the latest buzz word in blogging circles.

I have only just heard the term and became curious about it as it is a way to get free traffic to your blog or website.

To put it simply, curated content is when you take other people’s information, publish it on your site, provide a link to it, and add your own introduction, comments and summary.

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How To Get Free Traffic To Your Blog With CommentLuv Premium

I realized when I mentioned the CommentLuv Plugin in my last post that I had not written a post about it even though I had meant to.  So, as I am often being asked by subscribers how to get free traffic here’s my long overdue post about how to get free traffic to your blog with CommentLuv Premium.

There are two versions of this WordPress Plugin. CommentLuv Lite which is the free version and CommentLuv Premium the paid for version which has a whole host of added features.

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Get More Traffic To Your Blog With SEO Super Comments Plugin

If you want to get more traffic to your blog you might want to take a look at SEO Super Comments plugin for WordPress. I have just installed it on this blog after seeing it listed on a blog post that Adrienne Smith wrote.

I must admit, although I studied quite a few reports for the best plugins to install when I first set this blog up and try to keep up to date with the latest plugins I had never come across this one before.

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30 Day Traffic Flow Review

I just had an email from Dave Nicholson about a new product 30 Day Traffic Flow from John Thornhill and Dave Whitworth.

John is a well known internet marketer from the UK and has a good reputation for excellent products. I had not come across Dave Whitworth before but he apparently increased the traffic to his cycling blog by  87% in 30 days using this system of free traffic generation he devised.

I am always looking for ways to increase traffic to my sites so it was a no brainer to take a look. And, at a prelaunch price of only $10 I just had to buy it.

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I Have Claimed My Blog On Technorati!

One if the things I read recently about SEO and getting traffic to my blog was that I should submit my blog to Technorati. They call it “claiming” your blog which you have to do with a claim code that looks like this 3JFEU6AJR6JY.  Something I had completely overlooked until now.

Technorati, if you don’t already know, is a search engine for searching blogs. It’s a big and important blog directory. By adding your blog you can get another valuable backlink to your blog.  Technorati has a page rank of 8.

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I Am Getting Mobile

I have just spent the last 3 weeks on holiday in Spain, soaking up the fantastic hot sunny weather. It was a bit of a shock arriving back to this cold weather here I can tell you.  While I was there I noticed an article in one of the free English newspapers about how to make a website mobile friendly.

It seems that nearly everyone except me has a smart phone these days so I had not thought about this before. Although it’s possible to view a website on a mobile device space is short and not everything that you would normally see on your laptop or PC will fit on the mobile screen easily.

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