How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog With These Blog Promotion Tips

Are you getting enough traffic to your blog? I’m guessing that the answer is probably not. I mean can we ever have enough traffic?

One of the questions I consistently see being asked in internet marketing forums is how to get traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers get disillusioned with blogging when they find that they are spending hours creating content that nobody sees.

It is disheartening when you have created great content that you think Google will love and you are lucky if you get a handful of visitors from your usual blog promotion efforts.

Usual blog promotion?  You know the kind of thing – blog commenting, forum posting, posting it on your Facebook page and in Facebook groups and informing your email list if you have one.

That’s what you see being given as advice in the foums isn’t it?

Well last week I found that Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe had posted the best and most comprehensive article on many other blog promotion methods that I have ever seen.

Not only that but she created a great infographic and a video about it too which, with her permission, I am going to share with you here.

how to promote your blog infographic


Here’s the video that she created to go with it.

You can learn more about Ana’s bonus tip of leveraging your content in my post  5 Content Marketing Strategies For Bloggers To Boost Traffic

And for social networking sites I found that Pinterest has helped to double my trafffic to my detox blog.

Well, I hope that has given you some new ideas of how to get more traffic to your blog.  If you only manage to do half of what Ana suggests  then I am sure you will see results eventually.

They key is to be consistant and not expect to see results overnight.

How many of these blog promotion tips do you use on a regular basis?  Any other tips? Please share them with my readers by leaving me a comment.





20 responses to “How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog With These Blog Promotion Tips”

  1. Blog promotion can get you loads of traffic and am really good at Promoting .. i use social media most and then Forums.

    • Hi Gautum,

      Good to hear that you are good at promoting your blog. How many forums are you active in and which do you find the best for blog Promotion. Perhaps you could create a report or ebook about your methods.


  2. Hi Sally,

    This is good advice, indeed. You have done a good job here with this post and the references to Ana. I have applied some of these pieces of advice but not all. Some important ones were still on my do list.
    “I am sure you will see results eventually”. Eventually? This is a pessimistic expression. It means that you will get traffic someday, after years and years of efforts and patience.
    Please be more optimistic. You have a beautiful blog and a lot of experience. You need more trust in yourself. You will get traffic but not eventually. You will get it soon. Even now, you are getting traffic. This is the attitude.
    Congratulations with your Pinterest account. My experience with Pinterest was not so good. Maybe you can write a new post explaining how you succeed to double your traffic with Pinterest

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Silviu,

      I have lost count of the times I have been called Sally instead of Sandy but no matter I am used to it. I find it rather amusing.

      I did not mean to convey pessimism by saying you will see results eventually. It’s a fact that it can take time for traffic to build up from these blog promotion tips. So many people expect instant results that they give up with their blog promotion before they have given it half a chance. On the other hand you could get lucky and get a flood of traffic almost immediately. It was just a word of warning.

      With Pinterest it does depend on the niche to a certain extent. I know many marketers have a hard time making it work for the IM niche. You have to get more creative to get the repins and traffic. Sorry to hear you did not get the results with it you were looking for but it’s not clear from your post where you were trying to drive traffic to. The copyright issue is a bit worrying I have to admit but I am loath to give my account up just yet.

      Have a great weekend.


  3. And here’s you practicing what you preach, Sandy – you mentioned me in your post (BIG time – thank you!), then let me know about it in the comment at Traffic Generation Café, thus I am here: commenting and sharing.

    Blog promotion at work!

    And so glad you noted that Pinterest works well for your detox blog – every niche is different; what might work for one wouldn’t work for another.

  4. Great stuff! And the picture posted really hits all the spots to increase traffic, and I like the idea of a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed any of the points!

    Aslong as you have great content, good On-site SEO already then these tips will definitely give you an advantage for more visitors.

  5. Sandy,

    I have yet to start a blog. I have many ideas, thoughts and information to give but not enough time I believe in order to make it successful. I love all of your ideas though and do think that when I do finally have the time I will definitely use your cheat sheet so that I am successful in promoting it! Of course if I would spend a little less time on pinterest I might have it for a blog 😉 Thanks again for the tips!

  6. I found your article very interesting. My main issue is being so busy I have really let my blog slide and have not been posting regularly. I have plenty of potential content because I do multiple FB posts regularly. So, I’m going to put that up on the top of my list. When I do post to my blog, I do use some social networking (FB, Twitter and Google Plus). That is pretty much it. I’ve been focusing so much on FB that I just have to find a better balance, especially with FB not going out to all of your fans. When I do a blog post it will go to every subscriber. Thanks for the info and encouragement. I’m also active on Pinterest (that is another pointer to my blog) I do jewelry and giveaways and I do see some traffic and I do believe there is potential to build there. Glad you are having a good experience with it.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      I find it difficult to find time to fit everything in that I want to do. You do have to prioritize. Oh for a VA!

      I was listening to a very interesting webinar about making money on Facebook this evening. The presenter was making a killing promoting products on other peoples pages. It was quite differetn from the usual Facebook stuff I have listened to. Quite incredible. I wish I could have afforded the course he was promoting. Maybe next time.

      Yes, Jewelry is another thing that goes down well on Pinterest. You do have to work at it though.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  7. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for sharing this great info from Ana. I had actually intended to put Ana’s blog in my RSS feed but, for some reason, I didn’t get around to it. I’ve done it now, thanks to being reminded after seeing this post 🙂

    It’s interesting what you say about your success with Pinterest. I still haven’t gotten around to learning how to use it properly but I think that I definitely need to give it a go. Following on from Ana’s comment above, I think that it might work better in certain niches than others and might require a bit more thought as to how best to use it for promotion, but the potential is certainly there and should be looked into.

    Thanks Sandy,
    Glenn 🙂

    • Hi Glenn,

      Pinterest definitely works in some niches better than others. Food and recipes images go down very well so that is why it works well for my detox site. The IM niche is more difficult so you have to get more creative.
      Like all other social media sites you have to be active on it. That means following other pinners and boards, making comments on images and liking them.

      Have a great weekend.


  8. Thanks for sharing the tips, Sandy 🙂

    My main focus has always been on commenting and guest posting. As for Social media sites, I mostly rely on Google Plus, Twitter and FB.

    I did create a Pinterest account, but never used it (Especially after I heard about the bounce rates of Pinterest audience).

    But, after reading this post, I have decided to give it a second try.

    I use Blogengage and WPKube for my bookmarking purpose; I haven’t been active on both these for a long time. I certainly need to start being more active 😀

    Thank you for the tips 🙂

    • Hi Jeevan,

      I must admit that WPKube is a new one on me. It seems to be more of a WP resource site than a bookmarking site though.

      Yes, you should give Pinterest another try but it works better for some niches than others.


  9. Hi Sandy,

    This post caught my eye because I am always trying to find new ways to get more traffic to my site.

    I currently use forum marketing, blog commenting, video, and some social marketing.

    I have tried some of these methods, but to tell you the truth I have not been consistent enough. I know that anything you are trying to do to drive traffic to your site, you should give it 30-60 days to see how it improves your traffic.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will definitely help anyone out who is willing to put in the time to implement the methods.

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