Reach out to your Customers by Creating a Free Video Podcast

Reach out to your customers by creating a free video podcast

make money online with free video podcastingThere are many ways in which you can communicate and reach out to your customers and potential customers as well. Using Facebook,Twitter and YouTube are among the popular social media sites used by many companies and businessmen today. But despite their online presence, there are more opportunities that are missed because not all people like to go online. As a business owner, you wouldn’t want to let any opportunity slip because of that, instead you should find a way to reach them.

So today, many businesses are beginning to realize that it is them who should adjust to their customers’ needs and not the other way around. By giving options, customers can choose the way they want to connect with you and this is why podcasting is popular nowadays.

What is a podcast? Essentially, a podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded and stored in an mp3 player giving anyone an option to listen to a file over and over again.

Podcasting nowadays can also be in a form of a video and most businesses offer a free video podcast as a form of advertising and building a customer relationship. Podcasting is also one of the cheapest ways to get your message out there and help your business grow. It is a powerful way to communicate your ideas and messages that can potentially reach anyone that isn’t possible with the written word.

Just like a YouTube channel, through a free video podcast, you canĀ  set a series of video tutorials or coaching to your subscribers and give a choice when to watch them at their convenience. If used as an advertising tool, podcasts can be played over and over again. Think about how much it would cost you every time your advertisement is being played. With podcasts, it is free!

If you are thinking of ways on how to reach your customers at any time or at any place, podcasting is an ultimate way to do it. With podcasts, you are in control, giving anyone a choice to rewind or play it over and over again, pause and store wherever they want.

Anyone can also choose to listen or watch a free video podcast on their computers, burn them to CD or DVD or transfer them to mp3 or mp4 player.

So are you using podcasts to improve your business? To use it effectively, it should be delivered in short bursts, like from five to seven minutes long, because if longer than that, it may bore your audience.

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  1. Make sure your audio is of good quality. Use a decent microphone and have the other hosts do the same.

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