Introduction to Your Link Love Strategy

Today I received this great article from Alison Rothwell in her SEO newsletterMake money online and she has given me permission to share it with you. Like many others Alison left her 9 – 5 job to make money online but after setting up her website she realized that she wasn’t getting any traffic so not selling anything.

She then set out to find out everything she could about running an online business and making money on the internet and in just 6 months got her site to be Number One in Google for her key phrase. She got so excited that she built another website and that one reached Number One in the search engines as well!

Alison knows a thing or two about SEO and has a knack of explaining things in non techie terms. Here is her article about link building .

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Will a Little Link Juice Boost Your Website Rank?

Link juice is not the latest fad in health drinks but you need it for the health of your blog or website. Without link juice your site is not going to be ranked by the search engines.  Without traffic your site  is dead.

So what is link juice?

Link juice, or link love as it is sometimes called,  is a term that you have probably seen and heard all over the internet but do you know exactly what it means? I had an idea but wanted to find out more. With a bit of research I discovered that the term was first used by SEO consultant Greg Boser.

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