WordPress Lightbox Plugin For Videos Did The Trick

I just came across an excellent video on free traffic generation that Willie Crawford recorded and I thought it would be a good idea to share it on this blog but there was one problem. It would not fit!

I know that you can change the size of YouTube Videos easily enough to embed them on a WordPress blog but this one came from the LoyaltePays Library and is no way to alter the size.

Fortunately one of the other members came up with the ideal solution by using The WordPress Video lightbox plugin.

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How To Make Money By Sharing

make money onlineThis has got to be one of the easiest and fun ways to make money online that I have ever seen. I have just discovered LoyaltePays, a great  reward program, where you make money by sharing information products.

Sharing information online is not a ground-breaking concept but LoyaltePays is one of those ideas that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that”!

We all know that the Internet itself was built so information could be shared. When we come across something good, we often share it or talk about it. That’s what Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all about, sharing the things you like with your friends.

Would you believe that according to Zuckerberg in July 2011 Facebook users were sharing 4 billion pieces of information daily?

So, why not get paid to share?

With this program you make money by simply sharing ebooks, videos, infographics and even cartoons, which in turn will help you to build your own online business.

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