Social Networking Academy Review

making money on the internetThe Social Networking Academy is a membership site that has recently been launched by Jo Barnes to help you make money on the internet through Social Networking.  It is, or soon will be, the most comprehensive resource on the web today for all things to do with Social Networking. Or to put it in Jo’s words,  “Your one stop shop for all things Social!”

Who is Jo Barnes?

I first came across Jo, affectionately known as the Facebook Queen, through Chris Farrell when she was doing free webinars about Facebook.

Jo is a fellow Brit and you can’t but help to like her infectious enthusiasm, or her forthright, honest, no pretense, no nonsense but fun style of presentation. After watching her free videos I soon found myself snapping up her first product “2000 Fan in 30 days”.

Not long after that she started doing free webinars about Social Networking which led up to the launch of the Social Networking Academy membership site. I was lucky enough to get in as a founder member. It was a no -brainer for me to join as soon as she launched it.

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Make Money On The Internet With Income CPR

Anyone can put an info product together & call it done. Every day people are creating information products -eBooks, videos, audios, even DVDs – to make money on the internet and are looking for ways to sell them to their market only to get stumped with the process.

But, what if with a little bit of extra effort you could turn your info products into a tidy little profit? What if you could discover the little extra things it takes to successfully make more money on the net with your information product?

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Introduction to Your Link Love Strategy

Today I received this great article from Alison Rothwell in her SEO newsletterMake money online and she has given me permission to share it with you. Like many others Alison left her 9 – 5 job to make money online but after setting up her website she realized that she wasn’t getting any traffic so not selling anything.

She then set out to find out everything she could about running an online business and making money on the internet and in just 6 months got her site to be Number One in Google for her key phrase. She got so excited that she built another website and that one reached Number One in the search engines as well!

Alison knows a thing or two about SEO and has a knack of explaining things in non techie terms. Here is her article about link building .

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5 Top Secrets Of An Online Newsletter

make money on the internetMany people start out trying to make money on the internet by building a list and sending out newsletters in the hopes that their subscribers will buy something from them. There are a lot of failures.  There is an art to communicating and building trust. If you send out a regular newsletter to your list to make money online then you could benefit from these 5 top secrets.

Just remember the word PROSE and you won’t go wrong.

P is for Personal

Although you need to stay true to the topic of your chosen niche it pays to add a personal touch occasionally. Have you noticed how some marketers mention something about their lives in their emails? It might be about the latest film they saw or what they did at the weekend.

Although you don’t want to dwell on it too much it helps your reader engage with you. They can identify with you as a real person and not just a name.

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