Google Reader Alternatives – My 3 Top Picks

I’ve been using Google Reader for some years and was gob-smacked to discover that Google will discontinue this service in July. I have had a look at some Google Reader alternatives but have not yet decided on one.

As well as using the reader to follow my favorite blogs and interesting sites I get all my Google alerts delivered to it. I prefer this to having the alerts arrive into my email box so I am also looking for a reader that will let me continue with this.

I use the reader to keep track of the blogs that I have chosen for their rank and traffic so I can be one of the first to comment  on a new post to help generate traffic to this blog for The Quick Start Challenge as well as the Turn £100 into $2000 Challenge .

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I’ve looked at countless sites to get the lowdown on alternatives and there are plenty of them but here’s my shortlist:

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