Turn $100 into $2000 in 60 Days Challenge – Week 6 Results

Make money onlineWell this a quick update as it has been quite a hectic week! I have had so much going on in my offline life that I have hardly had time to stop for breath. I really hate weeks like this!

We decided last year that now my husband is retired we would move house. Not only will we downsize but we plan to move closer to two of our children.

One day this week was spent looking at houses which suddenly came on the market and was 100 mile round trip. There is not much coming onto the market in the area we want to move to so they are snapped up when they do.

Another day just flew by baby-sitting for our daughter, and I had to do two more 95 round trips which took up half a day each.

On top of this we are blitzing the house to get it tidy enough for the Estate Agent to take pictures. The main living rooms are presentable enough but a couple of the bedrooms have turned into junk rooms and my office is badly in need of a declutter.

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How I Set Up A Joint Venture With A Difference

How to set up a joint ventureI have just participated in an awesome joint venture that got me just over 200 new subscribers in 4 days and 5 eBook sales.  I have taken part in some joint venture giveaway events in the past but this was completely different.

A few months ago I received an email from Guy Finley’s campaign manager asking me if I would like to participate in an online joint venture campaign for the promotion of Guy’s new eBook  in the Self Help Niche.

The idea was that I would contribute an eBook that would be included as a bonus gift on their sales page.  I could include a graphic and description of the book and a link to my website.

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