How To Convert PDF To Editable Word Doc For Free & Safely

make money onlineHave you ever wondered how to convert a pdf to an editable word doc for free?

I have and the result brought all sorts of problems with it.

Before I get into that you might be wondering why you would need to convert a pdf into a word document in the first place.

Well, you might have a PLR pdf report that didn’t come with a source file or you can’t find it and you want to edit the pdf.

You might want to add your name to it as the author, add some information about yourself to personalize it, add some more information, correct grammar or spelling mistakes, update it or simply make it your own.

All this is very important if you want your pdf to go viral which I talked about in my last post about viral reports.

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Turn $100 into $2000 in 60 Days Challenge – Week 6 Results

Make money onlineWell this a quick update as it has been quite a hectic week! I have had so much going on in my offline life that I have hardly had time to stop for breath. I really hate weeks like this!

We decided last year that now my husband is retired we would move house. Not only will we downsize but we plan to move closer to two of our children.

One day this week was spent looking at houses which suddenly came on the market and was 100 mile round trip. There is not much coming onto the market in the area we want to move to so they are snapped up when they do.

Another day just flew by baby-sitting for our daughter, and I had to do two more 95 round trips which took up half a day each.

On top of this we are blitzing the house to get it tidy enough for the Estate Agent to take pictures. The main living rooms are presentable enough but a couple of the bedrooms have turned into junk rooms and my office is badly in need of a declutter.

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How To Get Your Download Page Banners To Open In A New Window

I was testing out my squeeze page funnel to make sure it all worked OK before I book a solo ad and I noticed that one of the affiliate banners I have on my download page for my Free Traffic Deluge report did not open in a new window.

Have you ever lost the page you were on after you click a banner that doesn’t open in a new window? I have many a time and it’s soooooooooooo annoying.

If you don’t notice that you have left the site you were on or forget to press the back button when you close the page you lose the page you were on where there were maybe other things you wanted to look at.

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Creating My Free Training Page

One tip I learned from Marc about another way of getting subscribers to opt-in to my list was to create a “Free Training” page on my blog. The idea is to use it as another way to get people to my squeeze page for my free report lead magnet.

To do this I had to create a new page by going into Pages in my WordPress dashboard and creating a page with the title Free Training. This should have added another tab to the navigation bar at the top of my blog but it didn’t!

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Successful Squeeze Page Tips

Utilizing a new Squeeze Page for the purpose of List Building ?

Make money onlineFor those who have conducted any kind of research on internet internet marketing you might have heard the term squeeze page. Maybe you have possibly experimented with developing them , or perhaps have got at least one in place on the website to create a subscriber base .

If it isn’t performing the way you envisioned it to, then you usually are not carrying it out right . An actual squeeze page is an extremely uncomplicated concept. It is present for just one sole purpose , for getting readers for an email list .

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Announcing “Traffic Deluge” – My New Free Report!

making money onlineAt long last I have written my own free report to help with my list building. Up until now I have been promoting other people’s stuff to get sign ups but I had always intended to write my own.

The problem has always been what topic to choose. There are so many niches related to making money online but after thinking long and hard about it and doing a bit of lurking in the forums I decided that getting traffic is one of the main problems that many internet marketers face.

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