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Sandy HallidayHi,  I am Sandy Halliday, a wife, mother, grandmother and “silver surfer”.  (I think it’s acquired a different meaning since the comic days!).  I live in the South East of England and my husband & I would like to spend some more time enjoying the wonderful weather in Spain now he’s finally retired.

I got hooked on the internet when I was researching detox for a Nutrition Diploma course I took quite a few years ago. After more than 20 years helping people achieve their health goals I had a burning desire to share my knowledge about detox and natural health and make enough money online to top up our pensions so we could live our dream.

I wrote a Detox eBook  which I sell online through ClickBank and I have published it on Kindle as well. I have been writing about detox & natural health ( given up on this one due to lack of time) on a couple of blogs for several years. I also publish a detox newsletter.

My eBook sells and my affiliate  income from some products I promote on my blogs is increasing but  the truth is that over the years I have  probably spent more than I earn online on eBooks and courses trying to discover the holy grail of internet marketing.

All the gurus talk about having coaches and mentors so I ended up taking some  coaching courses as well.  I set this blog up to document my journey to making money online and share what I have learned so far.

So,  let me know if I can help you.

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