Start Makinging Money on the Internet With Affiliate Silver Bullet

Affiliate Silver Bullet is one of the easiest ways for new internet marketers to start making money on the internet. The brainchild of well respected internet marketer Dustin Struckman, the Affiliate Silver Bullet system is probably the most simple step-by-step system you will ever find.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways for beginners to start making money on the internet because you don’t have to have a product or get involved in setting up a website, writing a sales page, providing payment methods, delivering the product or providing customer support.

Although you can make affiliate commission if you learn the ropes, you are also losing out on sales if you don’t build an email list. I’m sure you’ve heard the gurus say “the money is in the list”.

It’s a fact that when you send people to a sales page you are promoting, 90% of the people don’t buy.  Unless you have some way of collecting their email addresses you have lost these visitors. You have lost the chance to create a relationship with them through email marketing and to send them to the sales page again.

Simply put, you need to capture the name and email of your visitors before sending them to the product sales page. This way you can follow up with them and keep sending them back to the sales page to increase your chances of making the sale. And if you’re really smart, you’ll send them to to a pre-sales page in between.

Easy Step-By-Step System

This is exactly what Affiliate Silver Bullet system does for you. Dustin has created a step-by-step system that will enable you to build a list of potential customers that you can build a relationship with by sending them valuable information. Cleverly you link to the sales page with your affiliate link in the information you send them.

Affiliate Silver Bullet provides you with well designed websites and a squeeze page that is very effective. Dustin is testing and tweaking it all the time and you will get the best converting squeeze page. You don’t even have to worry about writing your email marketing campaigns as you get ready made auto-responder messages to follow up with your list.  Basically, you will have to do very little work to maintain a list of prospects and follow up on it.

Excellent video training

Dustin provides some great video training that shows you exactly what you have to do to set it all up, drive traffic to your Affiliate Silver Bullets squeeze pages and start making money on the internet. You can set this free traffic in motion with no money, no contacts, no email list and no experience.

Free Membership

Dustin has just opened up free membership to the system for a limited time. Once you sign up you get access to the members area. You get the first Silver Bullet system and the training completely free. If you like the system you can upgrade to get more Silver Bullets.

Basically you get a new Silver Bullet each month you remain a member. Currently the upgrade costs $47 a month.
It’s well worth joining just to get the free training and see how the system works. So, if you want to start making money on the internet I recommend that you take a look now. You have nothing to lose. Sign up here now:
Affiliate Silver Bullet.

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