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If there is one thing that stood out for me while on my tour of 100 blogs for the 100  blog comment challenge it was the different writing styles of the bloggers.

When time was a factor I didn’t want to be faced with a long epistles to read. I wanted to scan the post quickly and get the gist of it to be able to leave an intelligent and useful comment and go on to the next one.

Don’t get me wrong. I visited some great blogs and read some very interesting articles but the ones that were short, to the point, and easy to read won hands down all the time.

For me the best blog posts were the ones that gave me some useful or interesting information or made me laugh.

To make sure that your articles get read and enjoyed, here are my 7 Top Tips to Writing Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love.   These tips will make your articles readable, informative and interesting.

1. Use short paragraphs

When the paragraphs are very long it makes it hard work to read. The text size is often quite small so it’s really hard work. Being confronted with long paragraphs on a blog puts me off straight away.

Paragraphs can be a single sentence, sometimes even a single word! You can forget all the rules you leaned about writing at school!

2. Use sub-headings

Divide your paragraphs by using sub-headings. Doing this will break each point into sections. It will also be easy for the reader to move on from one point to another. The transition will be smooth and you will never lose your readers attention as well as the point and direction of your article.

3. Make use of numbers or bullets

Another way of making the post easy to read is to use  numbers and bullets. They can quickly make your points easy to remember and digest.

You can also format your bullets and numbers with indentations so that your article won’t look like a single block of boring square paragraphs. It pays to add a little bit of flair and originality to your articles shape.

4. Provide a good attention-grabbing title or header

If your title can entice a person’s curiosity you’re already half way there in getting your visitor to read your article. Use questions that utilize keywords that people are looking for. Supply catchy titles that describe your articles content but keep them fairly short.

5.  Don’t use long, technical or unusual words

Many authors assume that their readers already know about the subject. These authors use technical words and jargon that are difficult for the reader to understand and follow.

So try to keep it as non-technical as you can. After all, you want them to visit your website for a more in depth understanding of what you are writing about.

6. Keep it short

Don’t ramble. Be concise and people will be more likely to read what you have to say. There are lots of blogs competing for their attention and time. Don’t use two words if one will do.

The best way to keep your blog a readable length is to tighten up your copy. Go over it and eliminate any extra words or phrases. Strike out any filler or fluff that doesn’t really add to the content.

7.  Mind your spelling and grammar

If your article is cluttered with spelling mistakes, and bad use of grammar, then that will weaken your claim to be knowledgeable about the subject you are writing about.

I tried an automatic blog article service for a while for my detox blog  but most of the articles had been through an article spinner and did make a lot of sense.

In the beginning I approved some to be posted without reading them carefully all the way through but one of my readers emailed me to tell me that I should be more careful of my grammar and it was not very professional.  She was right of course.

I thought that if I posted more frequently it would boost my traffic. But it can be at the expense of your readers if you are not careful.

I could go on but I am following my own rules and don’t want to make this article too long!

If you have any other tips that would  add value to this post please leave them in the comments.

3 thoughts on “7 Tips To Writing Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love”

  1. Couldn’t add more to this. Very good tips! I myself find the subheadings very important so I can find the information I’m looking for faster.

  2. I found this incredibly helpful. Thank you so much… I’m off to do some more research and learning and hopefully elevate the experience my readers have on my blog

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