Email Ad Swaps Build My List On Autopilot

Email ad swaps build my list on autopilot?  Let me explain. I have not posted for a a couple for weeks as I have been on holiday without an internet connection.

Can you imagine that?  It was a very strange experience not being able to get my daily fix. Yes, I confess I am addicted.

We went to an area of Spain where the mountains interfered with the signals so our dongle was virtually useless. All this talk about running your online business from your laptop anywhere in the world and making money online while you are on holiday is not quite as easy as they make out.

I tried to be organised before we went and had hoped to get some posts written to schedule for posting while I was away. But there were just too many other things to do. What I did make sure of though was to get some email broadcasts scheduled to go out to my subscribers.

I decided that it was more important to keep in contact with them while I was away than to keep up my blog posts. And that is where the email ad swaps came in useful.

email adswap

I have been using SafeSwaps for a few weeks now.

It saves me a lot of time. I just go into my account and look for other marketers who have  a similar sized list and an opening to run an ad for a specific date.  I don’t have to spend days in communications with one marketer to figure out a date to run an adswap.

I just pick the date on the calendar system on the site and and book the ad for that date!  It only takes a few seconds to get everything setup.  I can even get the ad scheduled in my Aweber account from the ad swap site. No more copy and pasting.

With a couple of ad swaps scheduled to be sent out while I was a away I increased my subscriber list with no trouble at all.

Thank goodness for all the automation. It’s a great system that saves me a lot of time.  It’s only $1 for the first month too. Want to give it a try?  Find out more here:  Safe Swaps Ad Swaps

5 thoughts on “Email Ad Swaps Build My List On Autopilot”

  1. Hi Sandy!

    I started using Safe Swap myself just a few weeks ago. I don’t know what I would do without it! My list is growing faster than I ever thought it would and the automation is just amazing. What a time saver!

    To your success,


  2. Hi Sandy, Yours is the first blog I’ve come across that has anything on ad swaps. I really like the ideas you presented here so I checked out ‘safe ad swaps’. They’ve a very professional website profile, easy sign up form, and low pricing. Thanks Sandy for some good tips and a fine recommendation. Be well, Steve D.

  3. Hi Sandy

    Ive been doing ad swaps for so long now, and its a great way to build your list. Depending of course what you have beyond that to convert and make some real cash out of it. I have been told to stay away from safe swaps by so many people who are well an truly established in the industry and have ginormous lists but maybe it just isn’t for them and I should maybe check it out 😉
    thanks for the info

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for stopping by. Did they give you any reason for staying away from safe swaps?


  4. I’ve never tried it before but thanks to this information coz I have an idea on doing this one.

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