SEO Optimization Tool – 3 Cool Tips

An important part of making money online is getting traffic to your website or blog. One way of getting traffic is through SEO optimization. An SEO optimization tool that you may not have considered before is Google Alerts.

It’s not a tool for doing SEO but a way of measuring your results. It’s a free tool and I am all for taking advantage of them when it comes to making money online.

Alison Rothwell is an SEO expert having learned all she could about it when she set up an online business and then realized that no one was visiting her site. Here is her article about how and why to use Google alerts as your SEO optimization tool.

Three Cool Reasons To Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts should be a key part of monitoring the success of your search engine optimization. It’s very simple to set up and gives you important real time information about your website.

Cool Reason # 1

Tracking backlinks Google Alerts enables you to track whenever a backlink is connected to your website. By using this method as soon as your site gets a new backlink you’ll be informed.

The solution is at . Go to that URL and enter this Search Term: Type: Web How often: as it happens Deliver to: Now as soon as your site gets a new backlink Google will send you email to let you know.

Cool Reason # 2

Finding Out When Your Web pages Are Indexed. You can use Google Alerts to discover when new pages from your website are indexed. This time you use the search term

Cool Reason # 3

Discovering Where Your Competitors Get Their Backlinks From. A smidge sneaky but you can use Cool Reason #1 to track your competitor’s backlinks. Everytime their site gets a new backlink you’ll receive a notification from Google. This means that you can monitor their linkbuilding campaigns. You can then also get your backlinks from the same sites.

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7 thoughts on “SEO Optimization Tool – 3 Cool Tips”

  1. Google Alert is one great tool as you state. But not maybe the first thing you should dig into. The “On page SEO” is the most important thing in my opinion. After you have done this correct you can start look into other tactics like Google Alert.

    1. Hi Sven, you are right, of course, but Alison was suggesting that you use Google Alerts as a key part of monitoring the success of your search engine optimization.


  2. Thanks so much for the post. Quality content is very important to maintain visitors while SEO is very important to introduce visitors to your site. Lovely tips here! Most of them are spot-onYou have to be good at both to succeed!

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