Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge Week 3 Results

I’m a bit late with this update for the third week of the about the Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge in 60 days.

I want to point out here that this is not the same challenge as the Quick Start Challenge . It seems from questions I have been getting some people are confusing the two.

make money on the web

If you have been following along you will know that I have been trying to do this Challenge while I was on a 4 week break in Spain and the end of the 3rd week coincided with us returning home.

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I’ve Added Thank Me Later Plugin To My Blog

I noticed that when I comment on some blogs I sometimes get an email message a few days later thanking me for it. I thought this was a really nice touch so started to investigate how I could do it too. According to several internet marketers I asked, the best WordPress plugin for this is the Thank Me Later Plugin.

The plugin is completely free from the WordPress Plugin Directory and works on WordPress versions 3.1 or higher. So, I thought I would give it a go. After all, what have I got to lose? It’s another chance to keep my name out there.

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I’m Back to Blog Hopping again!

making money onlineI’m back to blog hopping again!  If you haven’t come across the term before it simply means blog commenting. You leave comments on other blogs as a way to get backlinks and traffic to your blog. Alex Jeffreys called it Oil Rig Hopping.

I must admit that although I tried to do it regularly when I first started this blog I have fallen by the wayside recently. I found it and still do quite difficult to find blogs with up to date, frequent posts that attracted traffic in this making money online niche. You can tell if they get a reasonable amount of traffic and if they are popular by the number of comments they get.

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Whew! I’ve just finished the 100 Blog Challenge!

making money onlineWhat a relief,  I have just finished the 100 blog comment challenge. If you want to know what it was all about I wrote about it in a previous post: Generating Traffic with the 100 Blog Challenge.

It was no mean feat either I can tell you. I started on 8th August and finished last night the 25th,  just five days before the deadline. Although I decided at the beginning that I would visit 5 blogs a day sometimes I didn’t. At one stage I thought that I would never finish it in time. It seemed a never ending task.

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Generating Blog Traffic with the 100 Blog Challenge

making money on the internetNow this is one of those ideas that makes you say why didn’t I think of that. Like all good ideas it seems so obvious after someone has come up with it. After all the oil rig hopping that I was doing for generating blog traffic for Alex’s blog traffic competition a couple of months ago this should be a breeze.

What is the 100 Blog Challenge?

The challenge is to get 100 individual comments on a blog post. The idea was born out of a throwaway comment Jacinta Dean made on an internet training forum.

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I’m Getting Seasick With All This Oil Rig Hopping!

Yes, that’s what my mentor Alex says to do to get traffic to your blog. Oil rig hopping is his term for blog commenting. This week’s seminars are all about getting free traffic to your blog.  With one seminar each night it’s been mind blowing so far and there is still more to come!

Alex likens blogs to oil rigs. Algae grows on the legs of the oil rigs which attracts shell fish. They attract little fish which in turn attracts the bigger fish. Your blog content is the algae and the people who comment on your posts are the fish.

Oil rig Hopping

Oil rig hopping is visiting other people’s blogs and leaving valuable comments on their posts. This activity has the effect of naturally driving traffic to your own blog if done correctly. Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog.  You can offer your visitors  free stuff to entice them to join your email list, send them to your website or affiliate products.  This is how you can make money working online.

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