Turn $100 Into $2000 In 60 Days Challenge – Week 5 Results

Well it’s the end of the 5th week of the 60 day challenge.

It’s been quite a challenge this week as I have lost the best part of 2 days due to other commitments but I have continued to put in at least 60 minutes a day driving free traffic through forum posting and blog commenting.

I am finding it pretty mind numbing and keep thinking there has to be an easier way. It’s hard to keep going when you can’t see results but I know that this can take time.

Dean is in the process of changing his affiliate platform too so we can track the optins that we get when we send traffic to his squeeze page which will be a great help even though it’s going to take a couple of weeks more to set it up.

It’s been very frustating not knowing what optins we got from of a particular traffic generation method.

When that’s up and running we will also be able to choose from a number of landing pages to send the traffic which could help.

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Turn $100 Into $2000 In 60 Days Challenge – Week 4 Results

I can hardly believe that another week has flashed past. This time last week I was in sunny Spain getting ready to return home after a wonderful 4 week break although my husband tells me I spent too much time on the laptop.

The truth is that I enjoy the making money online business. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. If I had the time I could spend hours at it!

It was quite a shock to the body to come back to the cold here after getting used to 20C+ sunny days in Spain.

Although I was unable to put in my minimum of 60 minutes a day trying to drive free traffic to my blog for two days last week I have been making up for it this week.

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Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge Week 3 Results

I’m a bit late with this update for the third week of the about the Turn $100 into $2000 Challenge in 60 days.

I want to point out here that this is not the same challenge as the Quick Start Challenge . It seems from questions I have been getting some people are confusing the two.

make money on the web

If you have been following along you will know that I have been trying to do this Challenge while I was on a 4 week break in Spain and the end of the 3rd week coincided with us returning home.

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Turn $100 into $2,000 in 60 Days Challenge

Now there’s a challenge! I do love a challenge don’t you? I’ve just finished Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge and now I’ve just taken on this one.

make money on the internet

Following the huge success of the Quick Start Challenge I jumped at the chance to be one of Dean’s licenced partners. As part of the program to keep us all on our toes Dean has just come up with the idea of the “Turn $100 into $2000 in 60 Days Challenge”.

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How To Make Money By Sharing

make money onlineThis has got to be one of the easiest and fun ways to make money online that I have ever seen. I have just discovered LoyaltePays, a great  reward program, where you make money by sharing information products.

Sharing information online is not a ground-breaking concept but LoyaltePays is one of those ideas that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that”!

We all know that the Internet itself was built so information could be shared. When we come across something good, we often share it or talk about it. That’s what Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all about, sharing the things you like with your friends.

Would you believe that according to Zuckerberg in July 2011 Facebook users were sharing 4 billion pieces of information daily?

So, why not get paid to share?

With this program you make money by simply sharing ebooks, videos, infographics and even cartoons, which in turn will help you to build your own online business.

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How To Make Money Online & Enjoy The Internet Lifestyle

Module 4 of Dean Holland’s  Quick Start Challenge is called  the “Instant Internet Lifestyle”. Instant? Is it really possible?

This weeks module is all about how to make money online by creating an automated business with recurring income so you can lead the internet lifestyle if that is what you want.

Just a quick recap about the previous Modules:

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I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!

Make money onlineDon’t ask me now how I ended up watching the video promoting Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge but I arrived there somehow.

I know internet marketers say that videos work better than text sales pages but I actually hate them. I have not got the patience or time to watch some long winded video especially after you have been told to watch this “short” video!

I often click away in the hopes that I will get taken to the text version which sometimes happens. But, I noticed that Dean’s video actually stated the length of it underneath which was just over 6 minutes so I thought I would grin and bear it.

Well, it was certainly effective because I got hooked!

Yes, I signed up for The Quick Start Challenge. Yes, I know, yet another coaching course! If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a bit of a coaching course junkie. Been there, done it but haven’t quite got the T shirt yet.

You might have noticed that I started this blog some time ago and have fallen by the wayside several times. I was posting quite regularly and building a list at one time  with my free report but not getting very far with it. I am in another niche as well and post regularly to that blog and send out a newsletter each week to my subscribers.

I started to create another squeeze page funnel but was not happy enough with it to test it with solo ads.  Quite frankly the information in the free report and book was out of date by the time I got it all together. Then, earlier this year I found that I had a lot of (too many) projects on the go at one time that were not getting finished so something had to go. This blog was the one that suffered.

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Making Money Online with Exit Splash

I have been using Exit Splash on one of my sales pages for about a year now and I have added it to several others recently so thought it was about time I wrote about it. Exit Splash provides a way of grabbing the traffic that is about to leave your site and is another great tool to help you make money online.

I am sure you have seen these message boxes that frequently appear when you go to leave a site that urge you to stay on the page for something special like a discount, free report or another enticing offer.

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Delicious Social Bookmarking For Publicity

Delicious is a popular social bookmarking website service for saving, organizing, sharing and finding web content. It is an excellent way of getting more traffic to your blog or website to help you make money online.

Today I am posting an article about using delicious for publicity by my colleague Alison Rothwell, an internet marketer and SEO expert.

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Get On The First Page Of Google To Make Money Online

make money onlineAlison Rothwell became an expert in SEO simply because she needed customers for her new online store. When she left her corporate job to set up an online business and no one was buying her products she was determined to find out why.

She resolved to learn all she could about internet marketing and search engine optimization and eventually got her site to the first page of Google for her keywords much to the dismay of others who had older and more established sites.

Other webmasters noticed her and asked for her help. Now she teaches others all about SEO. In this article Alison explains how to improve your Google Page Rank.

5 Killer Tips to Improve Your Google Page Rank

Improving your Google Page Rank will of course have a knock on effect to your position within the natural search results. But don’t make the mistake of concentrating solely on Page Rank. Improving Page Rank should be a part of a well organized SEO strategy. With that in mind here are 5 tips to help improve your Google Page Rank.

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