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I have been using Exit Splash on one of my sales pages for about a year now and I have added it to several others recently so thought it was about time I wrote about it. Exit Splash provides a way of grabbing the traffic that is about to leave your site and is another great tool to help you make money online.

I am sure you have seen these message boxes that frequently appear when you go to leave a site that urge you to stay on the page for something special like a discount, free report or another enticing offer.


Make money online

If the visitor to your blog or sales page is about to leave without opting in to your list or buying your product you may never seen him again so it makes sense to try to persuade him to buy at a discount price or become a subscriber.

I added the script to my eBook sales page which offers a $10 discount to the traffic that leaves some time ago. Then recently I had the sudden brain wave of adding another script to the OTO page which then directs any traffic leaving that page to my squeeze page so they can optin to get my free report.

When you think that a good sales page may convert at 5% then you would still be losing 95% of your traffic.  I think you will agree that if you want to make money online it makes sense to grab that traffic and try to convert it into sales.

What is Exit Splash

Exit Splash is the ingenious creation of David Guindon, an internet marketer with a background in engineering, who says he is passionate about making complicated things simple. And simple it is. It is a little script that you can add to any web site, webpage, squeeze page or blog.

When you add the script to your page it produces an unblockable “dialogue box” that gives you an oportunity to capture your visitor’s attention a second time. This dialogue box not the same as a popup which can be blocked.

Although the text for the dialogue box is provided for you you can easily change it to anything you want in the code generator.


make money online
Code Generator

When you buy Exit Script you gain access to the member area where you easily generate the code that you then add to the bottom of the page you want the exit script to appear on.

By the way, there are no ongoing membership charges. You just pay a one off charge and you can generate the code for as many pages as you like.

Inside the members area David has produced a number of short, easy to follow videos that show you exactly how to generate the code. It’s dead easy. No technical skills required. Suits me down to the ground!

As well as just generating the script you can add an alert message image or an audio message which says “Wait! Stay on the page for a limited special offer. ” I am sure you have come across them.

make money online

There are 10 different images to choose from and 10 audio messages.

make money online

You can even record your own audio message if you want.  You simply check the boxes and click generate code and it appears instantly for you to copy and add to your page. What could be simpler than that?

Pros and cons

I have just gone through all the plus points of Exit Splash so what are the cons?

Exit Splash comes at a very reasonable price but if you search the internet you can get various free scripts that will do a similar thing but they take a lot more work to install and make work.

A lot of free scripts that I have seen are actually popups and not the dialogue box that Exit Splash provides.

If you are technically minded then the free scripts are fine but if you are anything like me then Exit Splash saves you a lot of time and a lot of headches.  Plus you get all the additional options of the images and audio alerts.

The only disadvantage that I can see with it is that currently it does not work on Chrome Browsers. It works fine on FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari. David says that only 12 – 15 % of traffic so don’t worry about it.

He says it’s hard to make scripts work for all browsers but maybe he will eventually come up with one.

I am very happy with my script and if it is your aim to make money online or increase your earnings this year then it is essential to try to keep a bigger portion of the traffic you have worked so hard at getting.

What are you doing to keep more of that traffic?

Have you got a script on your site that converts your visitors to buyers or subscribers?  Share your experiences in the comment box.


6 thoughts on “Making Money Online with Exit Splash”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    This is a very informative post and it’s a pleasure to read something that has actually been tested rather than just reviews intended to promote affiliate products.

    I’m in the process of improving my opt-in funnel and an exit pop is something I’m strongly considering. I know some people find them annoying but it’s just a one time event, after that you can look after your subscribers well and help them with where they want to go.

    Thanks again for a great post Sandy!



    P.S. I’m just off to sign up to your list….

    1. Hi Rob,

      Yes, I am a great believer in buying and using a product before I promote it.

      I can understand why people might find exit pop ups annoying but they have been proven to improve conversions by up to 325%! I am never annoyed when I am presented with a discount for a product are you?


  2. Since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it is reasonable to say that it is really worth it to give Exit Splash a try. It would certainly be a good idea if we will make use of it.

  3. Usually pop-ups are quite annoying, but since this one appears at the end it might be ok. Thanks for sharing

  4. I honestly think that anything that pops up is quite annoying. Well maybe as long as the pop up doesn’t load too long and there is a big x button to close it, then it should be fine. I guess. :o)

    1. You are absolutely right James. Most people find them annoying but Exit Splash is not stricktly a popup.
      I am sure you must have seen it or some similar script. You get the choice to stay on the page for the offer or leave. It has been proven to boost sales.


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