Failure Is Not An Option In Making Money Online

I just heard the story about Steve who tried numerous times to start an Internet business. It wasn’t until his eighth attempt at launching a product that he saw a decent response and a healthy number of sales.

He was over the moon as he had sold 11 of his products in the first 24 hours that his new website had been online.  Finally, there were signs that he had at last got it right.

What was so amazing about his story was that he didn’t let his “failed” attempts put him off. He learned from his mistakes and kept moving toward his goal. He knew that success was just around the corner if he could just get it right.

making money onlineThis reminded me of the story of Thomas Edison who, when someone asked him what it felt like to have failed to invent the ‘light bulb’ so many times, replied  “I haven’t failed to invent anything… I have simply found 100 ways NOT to make a light bulb”

So it really all boils down to how we view our so called “failures”. After those first few attempts Steve could have simply given up. But he didn’t, he believed in himself and persevered.

There are so many stories both off and on the internet of people who did not take no for an answer. They believed in themselves and kept going until they succeeded.

In fact, in order to succeed you will probably need to fail a few times along the way.

The key point here it that you need to change the way you think about failure by putting yourself in a place where you handle both your successes and your failures in exactly the same way.

So, when you test something and it doesn’t work, simply take a step backwards and rethink things. Try again doing the same thing with a slightly different approach until you succeed in reaching your goal or whatever it was you set out to achieve.

This is how successful people handle their successes and failures.  So if you have failed a few times in your attempts at making money online don’t give up! Like Steve, success could be just around the corner for you.

How do you handle your “failed” attempts at internet marketing?

9 thoughts on “Failure Is Not An Option In Making Money Online”

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I love the post – a breath of fresh air. Just to add a little something to the mix. I was taught some time ago to delete ‘fail’ from my volcabulary and think in terms of ‘not succeeded yet’. It works.

    Look forward to visiting again


  2. Hi Sandy,

    Well I have had plenty of failures ha ha.

    I just take them on the chin, and like you said re-evaluate and try it a different way.

    So long as we learn from the mistakes we make, it will all come good in then end.

    Really nice post, inspires you to keep trying.

    Sally 🙂

  3. Hi Sandy, I couldn’t agree more with the title of your article. Every time I feel desperation I remember that failure is not an option and I’m right back to business. Be well, Steve D.

  4. Hey Sandy – I think I’ve had more failures than successes on my journey in the crazy word of IM. But the successes smell so much sweeter when they finally come along!

  5. Awesome site 🙂 I have been scammed so many times that it aint even funny and I am sure you might have experianced it as well if not, your the lucky one to be viewing this. There are more garbage online then I have ever seen in my life! The “Gurus” as they call them, fill your email inbox up with useless software that don’t work and in return take all your hard earned money. NOT COOL! I have lost over $2,000 since then and realize something in the process. I was a sucker for money. Then I realized that all the so called “Gurus” where all just one big puzzle that needed to be put together. The software I was buying from them each was unique and different. Different in a way that if I connect the dots, I can generate traffic and sells and yes! Finally somthing WORKS! True story.

  6. Making money online can be quite a complicated affair. Just the learning curve on a new trade alone can sometimes be overwhelming The more time and effort you put into your online business, the greater the rewards will be. The real long term money only comes to those who are able to patiently apply themselves to their work, steady and consistent work is the key to online success.

    1. Hi Candice,

      What you say is very true. Most failures in internet marketing come from either never getting started or not sticking to a project long enough to make money. Most people get distracted and go onto the next make money quick offer or give up too soon.


  7. Thanks for the reply Sandy!I really do appreciate your post here because I learn more things about marketing. Thank you once again.

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