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  • What Is The Best Blog Color for a Successful Site?

    What blog color should I choose for my new theme? I have finally decided to take the plunge and change this blog to a Genesis Framework (I’ve already changed my detox blog) and am trying to decide on the best color for the new theme. I have never really been happy with the color I […]

  • Essential Components Of An Effective Online Marketing Strategy

    In this digital world, effective and comprehensive strategies of online marketing can help every business owner to increase its potential customers. While evaluating the strategy, you must focus on the six components mentioned below to fuel up your business growth and take your business to the next successive level. Website Design: Your website is the […]

  • Blogging for Business: The 6 Biggest Blogging Myths

    I’ve been getting some questions about blogging for business from my subscribers .  It’s a long time since I posted one of Alison Rothwell’s  wonderful articles and as this one answers the questions  so eloquently I thought it was time to post another. The Six Biggest Blogging Myths Myths arise from lack of information and […]

  • My 5 Top Tips For Getting Ideas For Blog Posts

    From what I read on internet marketing and making money online forums bloggers often have a hard time coming up with ideas for blog posts. Ever since my last blog post I have been thinking about what I should write for my next blog post. I was hoping to maybe get some inspiration from something […]

  • Flirting With Danger With Single Opt-Ins!

    I’ve always used double opt-in for my lists before but have decided to give single opt-in a try. When I first started in internet marketing with my health niche several years ago everyone was saying it was best to use double-opt-in. I signed up with Aweber’s auto-responder service for my list management and they seemed […]

  • My Plan For Making Money On The Internet

    In the introductory videos of Marc Milburn’s coaching course he talks about planning your internet marketing journey. All coaches talk about planning and setting goals and this as it is essential if you want to be successful at making money online.You have probably heard the saying “Fail to plan and you plan to fail”. It’s […]

  • Confessions Of A Coaching Course Junkie

    I have to confess I’ve just joined Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint coaching course. I was invited to a Webinar a couple of weeks ago which featured Marc, a successful UK  full-time internet marketer, with distinctive red hair!  I knew of him but not much about him and at the time I certainly didn’t know […]

  • Make Money Online With Income Secrets

    Nick James, one of my mentors,  has just launched “Incredible Income Secrets Of An Internet Millionaire” his latest innovation to help would be internet marketers make money online. Nick, a UK based entrepreneur,  made his fortune in Direct Marketing before making the transition to internet marketing 8 years ago. He is an inspiration to would […]

  • How to Get Free SEO Backlinks To Your Site

    One of questions I see being asked time & time again in Internet Marketing Forums is how to get a site onto page 1 of Google.  Backlinking plays a very important part so it’s essential you know how to get free SEO backlinks if you are serious about making money on the internet   To […]